I Screwed Up My Sketch ~ Anime #7

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So today is a rainy day. It started raining early in the morning when the sun wasn't even up.
I decided to make a new anime sketch. In the process, I screwed up as I said.
I chose the wrong brush and it messed up my drawing, I tried undoing whatever mess it is I made but nothing was changing. I was angry because I knew there was nothing I could do to change what has already been done at that point.
I was only thankful that I had earlier saved the last step of the sketch before I screwed it up.
I just went back to get the last step from my gallery and fix a few steps which are still not very visible.
But instead of just dumping my work, I decided to share it anyways.

Below are the few steps I took before I messed it all up and tried to look for a way to fix it.

Work Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

And that was all for today's sketch.
I am really very sad that I couldn't make this sketch into what I imagined or earlier planned but I am still glad that it wasn't totally ruined that I couldn't even let someone see it.
I showed my brother, and he said it wasn't so bad.
So I guess it isn't.



really???? I don't see it being messed up at all! I love it!!!!
You really are becoming an amazing artist AstroGirl! hehehehe

I'm looking at it and wondering what it was that you didn't like??? you said you used the wrong brush - but to me - I think it looks perfect!

and actually - it doesn't look anime to me. It looks more realistic - (which I love) hehehe

Really? Justin told me the same thing and one of my friends.
He was busy looking for the mess I said I made lol.

The mess is that I mistakenly used a particular brush that wiped out my whole drawing, I couldn't undo or redo.
This is the last step I saved to my gallery before the mess.
And the mess is that I wanted to make the drawing more realistic but since I lost the last step, I couldn't do that again, so I left it looking a little like an anime lol, though I didn't know it looks real like you said.

I am so glad you love it Ma, thank you!

well its really really amazing!
and nope - doesn't look like anime... not at all.

in my opinion (and it's just my opinion of course. hahaha) anime has those really large eyes and full mouths that look super exaggerated

but yours has more realistic features and also - i love the contour shading around the eyes - its so lovely hehehe

you're doing well my sweet!

Yes, you are right and it's not just your opinion lol.
Female anime has the largest eyeballs while the male ones aren't so large.

I am glad you like it, thank you again

Calm down, take a deep breath and move on, you are upset, disappointed because it did not go as you expected but that's life, go on, cheer up, you are excellent at what you do.

Yeah I know, thanks dear

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