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It's weekend somebody, shout yay 😅 oops where were we? So today I wanted to share one of my artworks as inspired by a friend after she shared her niece's artwork.
I promised her I was going to share some of my artwork with her too but after the series of activities I had piled up yesterday, I couldn't prepare the article for that again.
And here I am tired, exhausted, and weak all over again lol.
Not knowing where to start from or what to do lol.
I probably would postpone it for another day when I can share my memories with her and explain them better.

Fast forward to early Friday morning. I got up hoping to have a really productive day, which I believe I did even with the stress that came with it.
I woke up early, did my morning routine, and thank God I already had my article saved in my draft for the day.
I planned reading, interacting, and engaging with my fellow authors and writers.
I did that anyway doing the few hours of the morning but only for my dad to interrupt the session by giving me and my siblings tasks to carry out at home.

According to my dad, it wasn't such a difficult work so he asked me to assist my brother in doing the work.
I had to shut down any further plans I had that time, stopped reading articles, and interacting just so I could finish the work and meet up with other things or plans I had for that day.

Just as my dad said or told us, the work took us less than 2 hours to finish. After that, I washed up and got dressed to go to school. I needed to make some necessary payments and all.
I got to the school as early as 11:55 pm but guess what? I ended up returning home by 3:30 pm.
I had issues with the payments that I had to wait for so long, but thankfully it finally went through and I was able to settle everything and headed back home.
When I got home, I fixed my late lunch, ate, and washed up again to get ready for rehearsal in the church.

I was already late for rehearsal and before I could reach the church, time had gone and I had my director in the church to answer to, coupled with the fact that I was already so tired (story of my life😔)

Not only that, no it didn't end there. After the first rehearsal in my local church, we had an all-night rehearsal in the national. I spend the late hours of my yesterday in church doing one of the things I love doing, worshipping and serving God with songs and more.
We started as early as 9 pm and it lasted till 4 am the next day which is today being Saturday.

I moved from the church to the field for training for the upcoming tournament I mentioned to you guys about.
At this point, I was already so drained.
I couldn't do anything in the field so I sat at one corner watching others play. I mean what did you expect from someone that had a long and tiring day?.
I even left the field earlier than the dismissal time because of how tired and sleepy I was. I needed to get home as soon as possible to have a good rest.
Ask me if I had a good rest (no🤣🤣) I am here busy writing and telling you guys all about my stressful day and how it went lol.

The other day I talked about resting and giving our body the needed and required rest. Here I am overworking my body when it should be resting. I know I should give my system all the rest it needs and deserves right now and I am hoping to do just that but that will be after I have settled all the things and plans I have for today.
I need to exhaust my agenda for today before even thinking about good rest or deep sleep 😔😟

At this point, please treat your baby girl with caution. The girl is super exhausted and everything that has to do with tiredness lol. I am fatigue and I just hope to gather my energy and strength again when I sleep and have a good rest but until then, thanks for checking out my blog for today.

Yes, nothing is interesting about this but who cares? I just had to tell you guys how I feel and what has kept me busy that I probably haven't visited you guys, you know how bad I feel when I don't do that. So I hope you guys understand and bear with me okay?
I will be back when the time is favorable and I will come back with so much energy, vibes, and life to kick off again lol.

I truly appreciate your time on my post today, your upvote and comment are very much welcome and appreciated too. Thank you guys.!

Still your baby girl ;)

17 July 2021




Thanks for sharing with us your day and how you went through, the errands, fatigueness and everything. And sorry for the stress.