AlphabetHunt For letter "S" What Do We Have Here !!

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This week is the hunt for letter " S " and as @barbara-orenya said using double-hits or triple-hits adds a bit more pump or excitement to your post so this week do i have any double-hits or triple-hits...maybe let's go and have a look 😊

Squirrels belong to a mammal family and in this family there are a few Squirrels known as the tree squirrels , ground squirrels , chipmunks , marmots and the flying squirrels and i thought a squirrel was a they say there are more than 200 species of squirrels 😨




This was a very friendly Chipmunk Squirrel with no fear at all coming up to us asking for our chips how could you turn him away 🙂


These tree and ground squirrels you will see in every park in Bangkok city also very friendly and will come up and take food out of you hand.



Did you know that Squirrels play a vital role in sustaining and expanding plant communities and ecosystems why is because they forget where they buried there seeds and nuts and often take root.


Sea is a big part of our lives not only do we get enjoyment from the sea by swimming or surfing in our seas around the world but also is a great provided of delicious needed seafood to our daily lives and enables us to transport cargo across the seas of our world also home to our beautiful marine life.

"SEA and SAND"





Succulent plants there are hundreds of varieties ranging in many shapes and sizes around the world they make a great indoor or outdoor plant they have a system of storing water in there leaves and stems and can handle dry condition making it a very easy plant to take care of. Some succulents can live for decades yet others may only enjoy a lifespan of 6 to 8 year with proper care taken.






Silhouette is a form of photography in which you can is a convey mystery, drama , mood and emotion in a picture with the silhouetted object or scene usually being black. A silhouette is normally created when you have light behind you and very little light in front of you and best when your away from other sources of light around you. Here with these photos i was on the beach with only the remaining light from the sunset rays.







Sand is so cool especially when you are walking along the beach feeling that smooth fine sand between you toes you then know your on a some beautiful tropical island splashing around in that cool crystal clean turquoise sea.






Sunsets are one of most magical things what mother nature gives to us everyday in some part of the world without a sunset life would be so boring every sunset bringing it's spectacle colors. The saying goes that every sunset will bring another spectacle dawn and this is what we live for to breath another day to see that sunrise.







Thank you @barbara-orenya for providing a very educational and fun contest we love @alphabethunt 😊 👍 😀





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Thank you @ecency for your consistent support 👍

Wow, what a mind blowing post!

So much time and effort put into it!

Amazing photos and I love the narration too!

Thanks so much for sharing. 😀

Thank you so much @chocolatescorp for your kind words i really enjoyed doing this post when there is so much beauty the words just flow out 🙂

You're so right-and there is sooo much beauty in it.

It looks like you've been able to do a lot of globetrotting too.

Do you live In Krabi, or were you just visiting?

I try to get around as much as possible but at the moment i am living in Bangkok and loving this city 😊

Ohhb I do love Bangkok too!

I just LOVE Thailand, though I have not been lukcy enough to go north of BKK- only south.

I volunteered at the Wildlife Friend of Thailand animal sanctuary up in the mountains on a Buddhist temple grounds up from Cha Am and just love it.

I really like Hua Hin too! And Krabi and sooo many other places...Sooo jealous!!!

There are not to many places in Thailand that are not loved and Hua Hin is a favorite spot of my also have been there a number of times , so your not here in Thailand now that's a shame hopefully you will return again some day 😊

Yes that is a shame, but I do certainly intend to come back again when all of the lockdown is over!

I have a plan in my head for 12 months in Thailand, from North to south, starting from Chang Mai/Chang Rai area and volunteering for a couple of months in the Elephant sanctuary there, then taking a month of to see the sights and then repeating that pattern until I get to Soi Dogs in Phuket...something like that, but then I'm a free as a bird (well hopefully soon we will all be...) so I'm easy if the plans change...

That is a great plan and helping animals along the way how awesome are you well hopefully we will see you over here soon 😊

Isn't that letter a wonderful and prolific one ? it seems we could do dozens of posts with various words...😉

Your post and selection are wonderful @bigsambucca ! Yes there are a lot of squirrels this week, but it is for my good pleasure because I Love them and can't get enough of seeing them, they automatically put a smile on me 😁
and all the other photos made me travel...Thanks for this beautiful hunt ! 😊

Thank you @barbara-orenya i really enjoyed this letter and i had so much more i could have put in this post but i think it was enough without overcrowding it and the Squirrels are my favorite also they are so cute and adorable i often go to the Bangkok parks just to see them and feed them we have hundreds of them in our huge parks over here in Bangkok city and they all come up and take peanuts out of my hand 🙂

Oh my ...! How lucky ! and I am lucky you share this beautiful shots of them playing and having fun around !
écureuil wonderfall day2.png @bigsambucca !


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You have found so many S words I stopped to count 😉
That's a great selection of words, @bigsambucca, and apart from the fact that I like all photos I love these stunning sunsets most 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you @johannpiber i did have a lot to choose from this letter S and i knew you would love them sunsets you are a sunset lover like me 🌞

Well, I do prefer sunrises over sunsets because I love to get up early, but I love them, you are completely right my friend 😁

Cheers and !BEER

Oh i am so far behind i have been to busy looking at all them beautiful sunsets in 😂

Hope you had a great weekend @johannpiber 🌞

You did not have to tell me that 🤣 lol
I wish you a nice Sunday evening and a great week ahead 🌞

Cheers and !BEER

Hehe...but i am sure you are going to enjoy your snow cap mountains now 😊

Of course, I love these beautiful white caps the mountains are wearing - the snow adds some beauty to the rocks 😁

Cheers and !BEER

This is true even though i love them myself i would rather stay in the tropics but i will visit them some times...hehe 😂

Hey @bigsambucca, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @bigsambucca, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @bigsambucca, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @bigsambucca, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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A great selection of S words. Well thought out and documented. Of course I love seeing the squirrel and chipmunk. That squirrel is much larger than the little red ones here on the Island but the chipmunk looks to be about the same size.

The sunsets are amazing and what a large expanse of sand.

A marvellous S hunt!😊

Thank you @redheadpei i do think we are both fans of squirrels they are so adorable 😊

What a wonderful, wonderful selection of S! Of course, the sunsets are breath-taking! I have no words for it!!! And the squirrels are sooooo cute! They are very charming. 😍 This is beyond beautiful selection! 😍😍😍 Thank you for sharing.

Thank you @gingbabida for your kind words i knew you would love these sunsets you are a fan of sunsets and the squirrels were really fun to be around and photograph especially when they come up to you for food i always take peanuts to the parks with me 😊

Haha! You know me. 😄

Haha...yep i do 😂

Your pictures are so clear and beautiful...😊

Thank you @manorvillemike 😊

Wonderful photography!

Thank you @sreypov 😊

Oh WOW, absolutely stunning photography, many of these would look very good on a glossy calendar, I really can't pick a favourite, they're all gorgeous! Lovely S-hunt @bigsambucca.

Thank you for your kind words @lizelle we did have a great choice with letter "S" i did have fun doing it we will post these on next year's calendar stand by...hehe 😁

Aww Perfect photography and great collection Sis and you are really a good hunter for Letter ..".." 😍🌷

Thanks @trangbaby it's always a mission to get it done but i try my best to find the more interesting and unusual things 😊