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RE: Lily and the Layers - AlphabetHunt

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Arrived to enjoy gorgeous photography, most definitely you are not one to let me down. What lovely words with descriptive content to tell the story in letter "L".

Lily of the valley such a beautiful gentle flower, Lycaenidae showing splendour in nature of smaller butterflies on wing, lovely dusty colours too. Milkweed bugs not so familiar in name but similar to looks with some of our longer nosed bugs over here.

Landscapes, each one to languish over in enjoyment, your countryside is so different, lush and green.

Have a great day and thanks for sharing, one never gets enough of the outdoors and beauty within each capture.



Good evening Joan,
thank you so much for your very nice compliments on my post and photos, that makes me happy 😁

The butterflies have really been a lucky find - I stopped for a Poppy flower which then hasn't been that beautiful, but on my way back through the meadow I saw these two 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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