Alphabet Hunt Challenge: Hunting for Ws

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Hello Alphabet Hunters!

I've been slacking off lately and almost missed the Alphabet Hunt Challenge initiated by @barbara-orenya. For this week, it's hunt for Ws. My work schedule is not hectic, unlike the two previous months. However, my classmates in college kept on inviting me to this new mind game. My refusal to play lasted only for three days. When I'm not playing, then I'll be watching streams of my favorite gamers.

The W hunt is not that hard. There were lots of words that I could think of, but the hunting of pictures on my back-up was quite hard. Surprisingly, I acquired more than six and it took me a while to choose my best hunt.

So let's start!


This year October is named the Drawtober Month wherein artist would have their own set of prompts to draw for the whole month of October. Or, they could copy other artists' prompts and use any medium that they want. With that, I decided to participate and improve my painting using watercolor.



I live in a country blessed with beaches, mountains, floras, and faunas. For a travel and adventure seeker, the Philippines is a must-travel country. It has a lot to offer, and one of these is its majestic waterfalls.

In the northern part of Mindanao lies the City of Majestic Waterfalls in the country — Iligan City. The city has over 20 discovered waterfalls. One of the famous waterfalls is the Tinago Falls. The cold waters drop in the cascading rock formation into a deep basin. To reach this majestic waterfalls, you have to descend to a man-made cemented stairs approximately 500 steps.



Hearing the sound of the calm water or its waves is therapeutical to every beach lover. I've been longing to hear it since the quarantine started. Before I went here to Cebu City to study, I had had my 10-day vacation in my father's hometown. At that time, the waves were strong that cliff jumping is prohibited. I was disappointed.



Bohol is known for its thousands of Chocolate Hills. There's a 360 degrees viewing deck and below is signage 'I love Chocolate Hills'. Also, in front of that signage is a wishing well. During my Bohol trip, I've spotted three wishing well if I'm not mistaken. Since I'm a kid at heart, I closed my eyes, made a wish, and threw some coins after.


That's my big girl, Totoro
My Baby Yuki

It's rainy season here in our country. When I was still in my hometown, I always hug my dogs, especially when it's pouring rain. I easily get chilly, and my dogs keep me warm. At that time, they were seven. Three of them love to sleep beside me, and I love to hug them at sleep. They can't talk, but I can feel their warmth, not just physically but emotionally.


1998CAM_2020_08_15_14_25_50_FN 1.jpg

I'm a reader. And my favorite genre is crime and mystery. For this month, I've finished reading two detective type story and two ongoing reads. Yes, I do love Sherlock Holmes and alike! Now to scale it down, most of my reads are under the whodunnit genre where the identity of the murderer is unrevealed until the end.

I wrote my book review here in Hive. You might want to check it out. 😊

Book Review | A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson
Book Review | Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

And that's it for the letter W hunt challenge. Hope you enjoyed my hunt!

Keep safe always.



I love the Waterfall with the cool rainbow and the Waves and of course the Warmth images are so cute 🤗

You had a very successful #AlphabetHunt, @kneelyrac, all great words, well done 👍😊

Cheers and !BEER

The rainbow is my fave too. It outshined the waterfall. 😁 And thank you! I had a hard time choosing only two out of the many dogs that I have. They're all cute. 😊

It was a pleasure - you're most welcome 😁
Now let's hunt for the XYZ 😀

Cheers and !BEER

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The rainbow is my fave, too! It outshined the waterfall. 😁 And thank you! I had a hard time choosing only two pics out of the many dog pics that I have. They are all cute and squishy! 😆

Hey @kneelyrac, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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W is by far one of the most easiest letter to find starting words in english ... 😉 Very nice hunt @kneelyrac 😊

I agree! But the difficult level is about to begin. Thanks by the way! 😁😊

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Thank you! :)

Very very good hunt trophies! I am so proud of your choices of words. We both have Waves but I think your picture is awesome. I also thought of watercolor but decided not to at the last moment.

After reading all your travel posts, I am not surprised to see your Waterfalls. Very beautiful.

Nice kaayo imung depiction of Whodunit. I also thought of this but did not have a good picture. I did not know you liked this genre. Have you tried reading the exploits of Hercule Poirot? Great Whodunit books too.

Congrats for a successful W hunt. The next is the last. Combined X Y Z. Looking forward to your post.

Hi sir! Namissed jud nako ang X Y Z. Nabusy jud kaau. Wala pa ko karead ana. Ako na i-add sako To-Read list. 😁

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Three years!

Happy birthday!

Hi! Thanks for this. I actually forgot the exact date when I started blogging But my first day here on Hive was on June 31, 2020, if I'm not mistaken. 😁

Oh yeah, I saw the post and it's still pinned on your blog!
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