my journey to the Alphabet Land (day G)

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My post for for the next round of the Alphabet hunt challenge by @barbara-orenya. Letter 'G' was no fun (I mean, the stuff I collected is not all that Feel Good... )

G — Grave


"She visits my Grave, wearing her mother's shawl.... should I shave, or end it all?.." (T.Waits)



Все эти фотографии я снял на очень старом и самом богатом (до 1917 года) кладбище С.Петербурга - Некрополе Новодевичьего Монастыря (расположен по адресу: Московский пр.,100). Кладбище и могилы конечно не самая приятная штука на свете (особенно те, где пахнет свежими мертвецами), но все меняется, если мы говорим о старых кладбищах. Тут можно познакомиться с замечательными людьми, которые хорошо пожили и оставили отличный след в истории... здесь особенно хорошо думается о вечном.
I took all these photographs at the Necropol of the Resurrection Novodevichy Convent (located at 100 Moscow Avenue). Until 1917 it was the most noble and rich cemetery of St. Petersburg; not the oldest one - it was opened officially in 1848, as 1st cemetary date back to 1703. Grave / Graveyard isnt the most pleasurable thing in the world to think of (especially the Fresh Graves, which smell Fresh Dead), but old ones is a different matter. Here you can meet Great Folks who have lived well and left their mark in the history, here is ideal place one can stop and consider about the eternal questions.


Не могу удержаться и не добавить еще одну картинку -- специально для моих русскоговорящих читателей. Жанр надгробных надписей -- особый жанр! Почитайте эту.. незабываемо!


G — Griffins / Gold


Here I've got some rare stuff: Griffins from the Russian emperor palace at Peterhoff.

Грифоны - вымышленные существа c туловищем льва и головой орла, а также белоснежными или золотыми крыльями. Грифоны — противоречивые существа, объединяющие Небо и Землю, Добро и Зло. Самые известные грифоны Петербурга - те, что сторожат пешеходный Ба́нковский мост (построен в 1826!). Художник наградил грифонов обычными львиными мордами, вместо орлиных клювов. Так что это "не настоящие грифоны", но и львами их тоже не назовешь. Туристы обожают это место. Прошлым летом мост как раз снова открыт после реставрации!
Griffins are fictional fantasy creatures: they combine the body of a lion and an eagle's head, as well as snow-white (or golden) wings. Griffins are considered to be contradictory beings, uniting Heaven and Earth, Good and Evil characters at once. The most famous griffins of St.Petersburg are (see the picture below) those that guard the pedestrian Bankovsky bridge (built back in 1826!). The artist interpreted the griffins the best he could: providing them usual lion faces, instead of eagle beaks. So these are “not real griffins,” but you won’t call them lions either. Tourists adore to take photos of this beautiful bridge. I took this picture last summer, at the moment when the bridge just reopened after restoration! Note the shiny **G**olden wings, hehe: double shot!


G — Geeky


A geeky stuff, isnt it? This is my Former collegue at the office, a friend, who also was an amateur dj. A few times he showed us his skilles -- and this gear... looked Extremely Geeky!

G — Gasmask


This is a gasmask from 2008, nothing to do with C19. And its just when I took the pics, the thing itself is probably much older, from 70-es or maybe 80-es. This model was intended for civilians. And, indeed, one civilian have found a great way to use it.


Probably he is a Driver and his car Engine is not Eco-Friendly, so at times he has to use this Gmask.

G — Grinder


This is a Coffee Grinder; be it coffee or not, vintage or modern, manual or electrical, wooden or plastic (so many opprotunities for letter-stretching!) it is still a Grinder.


Это очень приятный механизм, но его помол очень грубый, для хорошего кофе не подходит. (Мы просто ее храним, а работает у нас электр.модель от Bosch). Много таких мельниц дожили до XX века и массово продаются на eBay - подозреваю, что покупают их не ради работы, а для «дизайна», из любви к винтажу. Времена меняются, и некоторые гаджеты человек действительно улучшил (хотя в основном, все только портится). А вдруг вы хотите приготовить кофе, но у вас нет электричества, чтобы включить кофемолку от Bosch?.. С другой стороны, это вероятно означает, что интернета у вас тоже нет... и заказать онлайн новую пачку кофе вы не сможете =)
We dont use the vintage one (instead we have this Bosch electric model...) tho its a very pleasurable gear, actually, it performs very coarse grinding that simply do not match the quality expectations. A lot of this stuff survived thru the XX century, and they are being sold massively on eBay -- I assume, mostly for some 'design' purposes... Which is a bit pity, as its a great thing! But the times are changing, and some of the devices mankind really have developed and improved to a better point. (But imagine what if you wanted to make some coffee but do not have electricity to use your Bosch grinder?.. Well, on another hand, that probably means you have no internet connection too... and probably not capable to order online a new package of coffee ?.. )

G — Garage


A while ago I found this relic of the past, a piece of decrepit real estate, not yet swallowed / hostile-takeovered by the new and mighty real estate. This place is not located in the historical center, otherwise it would be incredible. There are no such unoccupied spots there any more. Enjoy a typical "hot spot", garages...


All the images taken by me, as always.

This round I found some other words (which didnt fit into the post), such as:

gold / ginger / gig / growth

Those are all good things... but nobody can fit an unfittable, right?
Как говорил мой старый наставник-редактор: "Нельзя впихнуть невпихуемое!"

Hope you enjoyed travelling with me. Come back next week, and join the fun!



I love Tom Waits! Those monuments are works of art.

Great G word choices! The Griffins are quite unique... And so is gasmask! Nicely done!

merci! its always a pleasure to find a new fan, T.Waits appreciacion is very, very appreciated.
TNKS for the kind words, happy you enjoyed my visuals. looking forward to yours. and in search for H ... I maybe moving soon to the countryside...

You inspired me to turn on some music. On the Nickel is playing right now. That voice... One of my favorites.
Getting out into nature is always good!

cool :)
I can list my faves list, if you'd be curious to look. my fave period is his avantgarde 'middle period', not the Island years. from Franks till the Black Rider, I'd say :)

I am more familiar with the earlier recordingsh.. I fell in love with him after watching the Austin City Limits TV show he did in 1978.

Getting out into nature is always good!

but at the same time we are getting into low-internet abyss zone.... and we all have addiction: me, my baby, my wife... God Save Our Addicted Souls :))))

That is an issue! 🤣 But think of all the photo opportunities!

ofc! thats what I am thinking, exactly, less posts and no comments (and no BEER) -- more photos


Another incredible round up of something starting letter "G", incredible old pieces along with geeky stuff and happenings in your surroundings.


o! thanks a lot, happy you enjoyed my visuals. let me treat you with a !BEER too :P

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Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

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I like the vintage staff and this grinder looks awesome.
It is funny how the gas mask is used 😀 I do remember these horrible gas masks though.

It is going to be another Great week for hunting!

I am ready to check what other hunters will bring on the table!
I am glad you enjoyed my things!

These are great @qwerrie!! The first ones (Graves) are my favorite! The photos are just beautiful as are the head stones! 💖

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Hey my friend, you have been very quick with your "G" post 👍😁

You have chosen nice words and suitable cool photos what made a very good post.

Did you know that some of your words begin with a "G" in German too?

Grave = Grab
These grave stones and sculptures are beautiful and might look very good in black and white too.

Griffins - Gold = Greif - Gold
The "Vogel Greif" or "The Griffin" can be found in the Grimm's Fairy Tales collected by the Brothers Grimm.

Gasmask = Gasmaske and Garage = Garage in German

I like that old Grinder - I have just had a look, and seen that our "old" wooden coffee grinder in the kitchen looks much younger than yours, but in some years it will be antique too ;)

Have a nice evening and a wonderful weekend @qwerrie 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

hey! that is the feature of the Roman languages, I guess. some words (Geld, Gelde) are very old, some have the Latin (Roman) basis. And in this case with my post, they are of non-Russian origin, probably of Roman or English origin.
here is a little !BEER pause...

funny thing: 'Grab' in Russian means a tree, one of the species relative to the beech (Buche, Rotbuche in German).

you have been very quick with your "G" post

the more notably,-- this time I was lucky to be noticed and upvoted (and I consider it happened partly due to the fact, my post was one of the first... I am not totally sure, but maybe). which made my little happy for a little time being, cause the posts were not getting nice upvotes above 2 tokens for so long...

So you want to teach me now, young man? 😂
But of course you are right - these languages belong together and many have the same base language as origin, which has split into different languages over the centuries.

I take my time - if I get nice upvotes it's fine, if not ... what can I do? In my first months here I was wondering when the best time for posting might be, but I have found out that there is no best time. So, I don't think, posting early for a challenge is good for high upvotes, but you can prove me wrong 😉

I can see there are more comments from you to which I have to reply, so I'll wish you a nice weekend later 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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Never mind 😉

actually, I have two fave pics here -- the Gasmask, and the (contemporary) Grinder. the rest just added as they contained the words I needed. I also like the Grave stones, but the other pics, not these I included.


Good morning @qwerrie,

yes, I agree, the gasmask looks cool and so does the grinder - I like old things.

I hope you have a wonderful sunny Sunday 🙂 🔆

Cheers and !BEER

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I like your heteroclite choice of words, very nicely illustrated by your photographies...
we do not have such grandiose statues crying of despair in our cemetery, I suppose I would go to visit graves and take some photos if it was the France it is more simple and sober 😊

'heteroclite' is a totally new word in my vocabulary!

in France it is more simple and sober

mmm... maybe it depends on the epoch, when the certain cemetary was built and filled with the Graves?.. contemporary Russian ones are not so noticeable, too. There exist (existed in XIX century!) quite a few typical, stereotype grave angel shapes... what I now for sure -- the most intresting (the outstanding!) ones belong to the cemetaries in Italy. you have to go there on vacays and check, if you have a chance. (or you may google the images if you are intrested in the subject). the cemetary culture is rather intresting heritage of the past, worth a look.

ok, and I will look for others G-posts now :)

I like the statues in the graveyard and the Celtic crosses in the last grave photo.

Great selections @qwerrie. The gas mask used as a filter to eco-friendly the car has to be a first.🤣

Hello Friend
what good photos
I like coffee, I don't adore it.
but the most shocking has been the mask
happy Saturday


happy Saturday + Sunday ... and Caturday to you!
I wish you sunny weather and warmth

ps. and look forward to see what things you will find this week!


Мрачноватое начало...)) Но подборка классная. Кофемолка отжигает, да, люблю такие штуки с запахом Времени

A gloomy start ...)) But the selection is cool. The coffee grinder anneals, yes, I love such things with the smell of Time

да, люблю такие штуки с запахом Времени

я все еще питаю надежду что ты мне поможешь с починкой лампы. у нее такой сильный дух времени, что просто совестно выкидывать на помойку...

конечно, помогу)Лампа - это очень простая электро схема, а механика, это тоже не сложно)

да... проще сказать чем сделать! я вот разобрал, схема то понятна, спору нет! минут десять смотрел, пытаясь разобрать до так сказать самого низшего уровня и прикидывая как это собрать обратно. . . да и собрал все обратно.

просто лет 5-6 (не помню) назад купил на Уделке две винтажных советских фото-лампы, рефлектора с алюминиевым абажуром, на струбцинах - крепить к железным стойкам-прутьям. цена была недорогая, а восстановить вот, мне не удалось. а хотелось бы. ясно что новую прищепку из икеи дешевле и проще купить можно, но мне было бы приятно иметь в доме те вещи, из тех лет. так вот и набит дом сломанным хламом, получается...

если "да", то как / когда это сделать? ты на лето куда нибудь уезжаешь с внуками, или будешь дома? я пока еще тут но вообще планирую убыть за города да там и оставаться..

вот прямо конкретно когда не отвечу, но в процессе можно выбрать время. Из планов махнуть в Абхазию хочется, пару лет уже пропустили, соскучились. В Тверь к родителям тоже надо. С внучкой тоже непонятки, что и как. Но один-то день найти можно, думаю. Ты сейчас совсем не работаешь?

савсэм не работаю. даже одну книжную работку - экстра взял, и ту не спешу ваять.

Тогда проще согласовать. Надо просто прикинуть моё время.

"механика", иногда как раз таки сложно. такого накрутют.. что голова кругом идет, Как же это тут всунуто друг в друга :(

всё, что сделано руками, руками может быть и сломано))) или починено)

а как насчет так называемого "фарша мясного" ?... шучу =)

кстати. насчет стима, раз уж ты онлайн и мы зацепились языками. если ты не забил на него окончательно, там вроде какие то проблески курации замаячили от группы World of Xpilar, рек. обратить внимание, и покидать немного постов в нее... аксеман туда пристроился куратором, и еще один из моих мексиканских френдов..

Не знаю насчёт стима. Давай в дискорд перейдём

ye? ну, на этом компе откуда сейчас пишу, дискорда нету :/
потом можно обсудить при при другом случае, какая срочность.

ценник за стим не падает, сейчас даже больше, чем недавний "исторический минимум" в 0.11 доляров, не сильно и от хайва отличается. так что чего же не продолжить процесс доения, пока / если доится? :)

Those are some of the most beautiful grave stones I have seen! I enjoyed the griffins, and that coffee grinder is wonderful... now I need to go have some coffee! Enjoy your weekend!

well... you might be exaggerating, really. but this sculpture group is really a good piece of art. the most strange (t0 me) is that it is not an old work from XIX cm, but more or less a modern one.. maybe from 80-es or so. maybe, just a copy of some old work, I really dont know! but as far as I can see with my own eyes, these were a decent, good work, standing on the same level as the works of old masters. such a rare thing nowadays! I spent at this spot like 20 mins, trying to find different angles to make a better portrait. it was 1 of 5-6 spots of the Necropol I found to be my fave, during my visit. I have to make a separate post or two about this Necropol. I know I just have to. well, one day!

No, I'm not exaggerating. Those sculptures are very beautiful are very different from anything I've seen in a cemetery.

ok, I have somehow to remember your intrest than, and not to forget to mention you when I will shape this stuff into a post. thanks again!

PS. I didnt travel and havent seen it with my own eyes, but as I've read, the best of the best (and very different) grave angels specimen belong to Italian cemetaries, and they are well-documented. I can check my notes to find a certain works (quotes with names, not the direct links) to check for this.

thanks one more time, its a pleasure to have a kind feedback. and I look forward to your G-stuff!

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Those are some cool finds. The gravestones are a bittersweet. They're beautiful and yet you know exactly why they were created. I pray that the stupidity of this world calms down. I'm finding that I absolutely want to go visit Russia one day. I love the vintage Grinder. That's fun.

It is amazing how beautiful photo # 3 of the images married to the word Tomb is, it inspires suffering and resignation.

The other images are very original for this activity.

thank you!

They are beautiful graveyard statues really religious looking and the old school Grinder love it nice selection you have well done 👍