my journey to the Alphabet Land (day W)

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My next post for #AlphabetHunt challenge by @barbara-orenya. This week we hunted for words starting with letter "W". I had no problems with it.

W — Way


Heaven sent me an opportunity to illustrate this word in quite original way -- without taking a pic of the street signs directing you here or there. Instead, I have the picture of the 'way' directly and literally xD This was heaven-sent to me 5 days prior to the W hunting week have started, so, I just have to include it, although I have more intresting entries. Count it as a bonus, or off-the-challenge-extra if you'd like to.

W — Wax seal


This entry I was considering from the very start of the Week, as I have this thing hanging off my Wall, like a decoration. Yes, believe me or not, this parcel (or a small packet, to be precise) decorates my room since... er... since 2005?!

Why I decided to hang it there ... I remember my thoughts at the time: this is how parcels always looked in Soviet epoch, at least in the last third of the twentieth century, and maybe earlier too, as well. But then Millennium happened. Around year 2005 I used to exchange music and music videos on DVD discs vis post service; torrents were not yet as developed as they are now, there was nowhere to download DVDs of radiohead amateur concerts, and it was impossible - a package with 5 or 12 discs from Canada could end up in my hands in within a month, which was 100 times faster than downloading one DVD ... We used the B&P (Blanks & Postage) system and I sent and received a lot of packages at the time. International shipments looked like an ordinary plump kraft envelope, but this parcel - an internal one, from a Russian province, in 2005 already looked like something alien, like a remnant of the gone epoch... Natural hemp twine, rough kraft paper, and WAXSEAL! At the moment I thought there would be no more letters like this in the future, I had a feeling this was the last one in my life, so I decided to keep it on the wall in memory of the bygone era.


In fact, as you can see in the photo below, I have got more sealing wax - I cut it from promotional letters that accidentally fell into my hands ... it's design, imitation, simulacrum, not a real postage stamps. I decided to keep them because I was going to play with my child in the 'postage service', I had that in my mind, and I wanted to have a sealing wax supply for the letters ... to show her how does it smell (oh, melted sealing wax has a very special unforgettable smell! Decades ago, post offices smelled exactly with this smell) but I don't know where one can buy it today, hehe. We never ventured into it, and my stock remained intact.


W — Winnie-the-Pooh


Winnie-the-Pooh, also called Pooh Bear and Pooh, The Best Bear in All the World. I think everybody have read Alan Milne's book and is in the know who he is, no extra comments are needed? Winnie-the-Pooh first appeared by name on 24 December 1925, and by November 1931, he was a $50 million-a-year business. (By the way, year 2009 and 2016 saw two sequels to Milne's story were published. I havent read / seen Russian translations yet). Most iconic image of this bear was created by E.H.Shepard. The best known Russian edition of this story (1976) has another image of Pooh created by a great artist Boris Diodorow (see the photo below). But the most iconic and exploited image of Pooh (here, in Russia) is the one from the cartoon that date back to year 1969 - and it is the figure you see in my photo.


(I am adding this extra photos of Boris Diodorow drawings mostly cause I assume you might be intrested to have a look, Barbara).



W — / Woodcarving / Woodwork


Do not think this is my piece of art, no! I appear here as a photographer only. A friend of mine, a colleague at my last job, was fond of wood carving, and he carved this nice figurine above from a Walnut wood (one more W as a bonus!)...

...and this case for one of my vargan instruments. It was his 'good-bye' memorable present when both of us parted with our employer. It is sitting on my desk and feeding my eyes everyday. Nice!


W — Woolly milkcap / Wool



A cropped fragment of same mushroom (no scale down). Now you got the idea why did it receive its name.

W — White


There are so many things that can illustrate this word. Nature is full of black, white, and black-and-white stuff, actually :P
And speaking of white, there exist snow white (and the Snow White, as well), milk white, brilliant white, ghost, alabaster, ivory, cream, cotton, coconut, salt, bone, porcellain, egg shell, pearl white ...and many others.


This fungus is named 'White Coral'. Impossible to say which 'white' color it is, exactly: that vary and depends on lighting, and on photo-editing, of course...


This do not look any white at all, isnt it? This is cropped fragment of a stem of Porcini, or Ceps, or Borovik mushroom; in Russian we name this specie 'Belyi' mushroom, i.e. 'a white mushroom'. Probably, they got their name for this 'white' stem...

I could fill a dozen posts with different white mushrooms, actually. So, let me move to my last entry:


This is UFO - Unidentified Fungi Object. Not sure which shade of white it is. Maybe, salt or snow white? My fave, bizarre sort of fungi! Looks more like a mold, than a shroom.

W — Wacom


Graphics Tablet for WAСOM. Simple as that!
Ours is veteran; we obtained it 14 years ago.

All the images taken by me, as always. Basically there are no leftowers this time, although I considered a few more words, among which were:

whiskey / willow / wintertime-love / wildnature / wiring / waste / wasted paper

And here is an index to all my posts for this great challenge:


Hope you enjoyed travelling with me. Come back next week, and join the fun!



I read the word Way and thought you wouldn't post an ordinary way photo to an ordinary word, and I was right 😁

Great choices of words, photos and illustrations as always, @qwerrie, and your stories behind are exceptional, also as always. There's absolutely nothing this time that I could fault, not a bit 😉

I love the story to the Wax seal, my friend, it's wonderful to read and I enjoyed it a lot. I also remember the times when a download took ages and you could never be sure that the download would complete and that you would get what you expect 😏

I didn't think of my Wacom tablet which I use every single day - shame on me 😉

Cheers and !BEER

yes, that way actually is a part of Subway, not quite ordinary way.
i m happy you get your entertainment with my visuals, even without !BEER. but with a high glass of drink, it would be even better. cheers!

I thought of Subway too, but I wasn't sure, and since I have never been in one of their shops I couldn't remember their logo ;)

Your posts are always a joy, with or without a drink, my friend 😊

Cheers and !BEER

I thought of Subway too, but I wasn't sure,

haha! same with me -- I wasnt in their cafes not even once, too. a pleasure to hear your kind words, but developing the 'with or without' idea, I assume that with !BEER it is a double pleasure, right?

A !BEER is always a pleasure, my friend, you know that 😊


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Hey @johannpiber, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

@johannpiber denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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Dear @qwerrie, I am glad I decided to read this post of yours. Very creative, no dull idea, excellent writing and even some travel to the soviet time! 😀

о да, путешествие в советское время - это у меня часто случается. я люблю старые бумаги, и их есть у меня! :=) спасибо за все добрые слова, мне очень-очень приятно!

Все мои добрые слова совершенно искренни. То, что Вы сделали — правда здорово, без лести 🙂 🍻 Посылать beer я не освоила, так что пока так.

дык.. можно обойтись без него, совершенно точно вам говорю!.. я его и вообще его не употребляю, а вот цифровое, да на блокчейне... приучили немцы да австрийцы, хихих
это было замечательная фотоэстафета и игра, жаль что подходит к концу (все хорошее когда нибудь кончается...) тем более так неожиданно, последние три буквы оказываются скомканы в одну неделю.

Я не успела поучаствовать, жаль конечно, но интересно по всем буквам пройтись, как у Вас. А с последними буквами выбор небольшой, буду ждать, что накреативите 😀. Там тоже победителей определяют? Тогда удачи!

ну попробуйте все же. возможность то есть. целая последняя неделя - так сказать, challenge становится еще более challenging! :)

Можно попросить Вас помочь разобраться? Я получила приз 20 Archon. Мне уже подсказали, что искать их надо по ссылке Я зашла, в кошельке у меня $1,79. Выглядит смешно. Может это равняться 20 Archon?
Извините, что отнимаю Ваше время, но, возможно, Вы в курсе?

Выглядит смешно.

абсолютно точно. цена на все эти токены гораздо смешнее, даже чем вам сейчас кажется :)

немного не так. ссылка должна выглядеть вот так:


как видите, у вас 37 таких токенов.

NB. а еще есть один пивной токен. дарить другим чутка пива можно - на каждые 25 токенов 1 подарок в день. а можно все это не копить, а запродать. выручите как раз 1,79 долляра по курсу (может быть. продать по декларируемому рыночному курсу тоже зараз не удастся).

Wow and Wonderful
collection of W's for your Alphabethunt hunt @qwerrie !!
I really like the wood carving,fungi and the wax seal.
I didn't think of Whiskey. I do have a pint in my cupboard 😊
A very successful hunt..🤗 !

Grazie Mille, Anne! yes, it became better and better each post (I mean hunting skills, not the bottle of whiskey


Very nice stories and pictures!
Amazing the woolly milkcap. Never seen that one before.
And I had exactly the same Wacom years ago!

And I had exactly the same Wacom years ago!

o-oo, what a cool coincidence!! I really like those little coincidences. this means by the way that you might be a creative sort of person, too? not necessarily, but night be? nice!

glad you enjoyed that little whooly fella :P

Hi @qwerrie :)
A nice selection of words starting with the letter W,I also liked the photos but I especially enjoyed reading this nice post of yours.

thank you very much, and - have a nice day!

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Hi @qwerrie, loving this post, your post is so inspiring and good guidance for me or any alphabet hunters on how to post that great alphabet findings. Such creativeness and that white mushrooms look tasty, can that mushroom be eaten? Okay, have a nice day and take care, cheers, ainie

so inspiring and good guidance on how to post that great alphabet findings

Ainie, I appreciate your compliment very much. this challenge mostly is about creativity and the fresh attitude to the life, to environment around us, not about the photography itself... sadly indeed that it is right the finishing line of the challenge. but we still have one week time to do at least one post (personally, I plan to do X-post separately, so maybe will post two more entries instead of the last one).

as for the mushrooms part:
1st one - is one of the Amanitas, very toxic toadstool, not edible at all.
2nd one - Coral mushroom - is edible, but this onve is very tiny, 1-2 cm only, no use to pick up it.
3rd one - Ceps, Porciny - is the best edible mushroom we have here, in the north-west of Russia. it is also considered the best cause it is not only tastes good, it is also good for foraging and can be well-preserved by drying / dehydrating. this is how it looks like in full:


ps - feel free to join the Fungi Lovers community I maintain, be it just a reader (to educate yourself) or an active poster (to share your nice fungi, edible or not).

I love your W
Today I have time to comment and I will start with you hehe
The one on the road very successful.
The sealing that times
I have one for modern crafts of course
The little bear I like how many stories told
Working with wood is very interesting, I haven't tried that yet.
But the one in the box I have a memory of my damaged tongue trying to get music haha
My favorite is the texture of the mushroom, so detailed
The tablet did not occur to me and what I am learning with it when I have time
Happy thursday friend

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крутая подборка! как всегда)