Looking For Letter L

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The Alphabet Hunt this week is for the letter L. @alphabethunt is hosted by @barbara-orenya.


  • Large

Large means something of considerable size, such as, the following rock or pile of wood.

A large rock I saw by the Wood Islands Lighthouse.


A large pile of wood in the yard to be used for winter heat.


  • Labor, Logs

Before the birth of a child, a woman goes into what is called labor. I don’t have any photos of giving birth but I have one of Hubby in a different type of labor.

Labor refers to the physical activity used to produce something, such as, the work required by Hubby while sawing the logs into smaller pieces.

He is using the wood splitter to get the wood ready to use for winter.


  • Lakeside

Sunrise at Skiff Lake. This is the view from the deck at my sister’s cottage.


It is a crystal clear spring feed lake and near my childhood home.

  • Lamb

A sheep in it’s first year is called a lamb. These lambs are totally black. I saw them while driving by a farm.


This black faced sheep may be a little older than a lamb. Certain birds hang around the sheep and eat insects and ticks off the back of the sheep. It’s a good relationship as it benefits the sheep and the birds get a tasty treat.


  • Lavender

Lavender plant is both a flower and a herb. It smells divine and is known for it’s relaxing, soothing properties. Lavender is sometimes stuffed in sachets and placed in closets or pillow cases to help in getting a good night sleep. It’s often planted near vegetable gardens to attract bees and other pollinators.

Painted Lady butterfly on the lavender plant in my garden.


  • Livestock

Livestock is commonly defined as domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce labor and commodities such as meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool. Wikipedia Source

Cows enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the pasture.



Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

All photos taken by me unless sourced.

That’s all folks, my six words starting with L.


Animated Banner Created By @zord189

Courtesy of @derangedvisions



Haha ! you were so ready to post my dear ! just 5 minutes after mine, I hope I was not too long that you were waiting for my post..? 😊
I love to smell, and watch the beautiful color of the Lavender ! I'm surprised you didn't post a Lighthouse picture as you speak about it : "A large rock I saw by the Wood Islands Lighthouse." I've noticed it because I had chosen a lighthouse picture and decided to finally cancel it...a lot of choices with letter L for sure !

Thank you for your early lovely selection and..btw...congratulations for your win on the lucky draw..😉

Thanks Barbara. I was slipping there as I have a lot of photos of lighthouses. I’ll include the one (Wood Islands) here where I saw the rock.😄


Beautiful selection of L words photos...
I thought white lamb will grow into white sheep...
And black lamb will grow into black sheep... 😅

Thanks @elizacheng! Most sheep’s wool will lighten up as they get older.

Lake, lavender and lady butterfly in lively green hills full of livestock, what a nice mix using the letter.

Marrying letters to words and memories of what we have captured around us keeps this so entertaining.


Thanks Joan and thanks for the tip.😊I’m happy you liked my mix of Ls.

It is such an interesting challenge seeing what everyone comes up with on each selection.

You get !ENGAGE 30 for being so very fast with your L post 😉

Your selection of L words is great and I can tell you that I have photographed only one single Lighthouse in my entire life, but I have a list of a few in Slovenia and Croatia which I want to search when I'm there next time.

These little black Lambs are so cute. Maybe I should have been less picky and potograph the black ones I have seen 😉

Cheers and !BEER

There's a lot of lighthouses on the Island but most have been decommissioned by the government. The local communities have taken over keeping them in shape. Many are sort of a museum with artifacts from ship and the sea.

Thanks Johann for your sweet comments and the generous goodies and tip. 😊

A Lighthouse would be a very nice place to live I think. Preferrable on a little Island off the coast with a nice family of skunks to scare unwanted guests 🤣

You're very welcome dear Jo, I hope you have a very nice day 😀

Cheers and !BEER

I hope you get a chance to visit someday Johann.

Have a wonderful weekend. 😊

Thank you, Jo 😊
As much as I know there are quite a few lighthouses on the coast in Slovenia and Croatia too. But at the moment it seems to be dangerous to go abroad, so we better stay on our side of the borders, although I'd like to make a little trip to Slovenia tomorrow if the weather is good.

Cheers and !BEER

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Love your L photos Jo, I am going to try a letter L post tomorrow.

Thanks Angie ❤️.

I look forward to seeing your L selections.

Splendid L choices! I love those Little black lambs! And that large woodpile! Is it yours? That is some serious winter warmth.

Morning Melinda @melinda010100. Yes the woodpile is here on the side yard. It will probably do for a couple years as we also have an oil furnace in the basement. I really like the wood heat but it is a lot of work.❤️

You are well stocked! We heated with wood for most of my life so I know how much work it is! And how much mess it creates! The last place I lived where we heated with wood had a wood/propane combo furnace in the basement and that was pretty slick. It kept all of the mess out of the house.

Lovely photo essay in search of the letter L :)

Thanks @agmoore. I appreciate you stopping by.

A very nature looking selection very relaxing to look at and i do love the lake scene well done 👍

Thanks @kohsamui99. I’m happy you liked the selections.

My pleasure you are so welcome 😊

Love the sunrise and lavender captures!!! !tip

Thanks so much @jaynie.

I hope you are having a good day my dear. ❤️

Pleasure sweetie! It is a real stormy day here in Cape Town... but I love the rainy weather... good for productivity xxx

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 13 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix. appreciated!❤️

All terrific selections Jo!! Hee hee, don't be surprised if we have a couple of the same but I might switch one of mine up if I'm up to it. I think the Lakeside is my favorite as it looks so peaceful but I love them all! 💖

Thanks so much Dee. ❤️ Our great minds would probably have thought of a few selections the same.😀😉

I’m looking forward to see your Ls.😊

You're very welcome. 💕

Beautiful images. Congratulations, Mainly the one of the laundries.@redheadpei

Thanks @surika!😊
I didn’t think I had a laundry in my post. :)

Bad my translator, he, he

lavender flowers, @redheadpei

Haha. No problem @surika

Hello Beautiful
I like them all very beautiful, my favorite is the one with the woodcutter and the sheep
Happy Friday

Thanks my dear @txatxy for your lovely comment. ❤️

Have a wonderful day!


I used to chop wood with an ax or a cleaver. But it was a long time ago)
An interesting choice of L and good photos :)
Good luck!

The wood splitter is a lot safer than the axe. I remember my father chopping wood with an axe. I even as a child I thought it looked dangerous and wondered if he might strike himself or the sharp blade fly off and hit someone.

Thanks @bambuka for the visit.

Have a lovely weekend.😊

It is all about the right skill. I've been working with axes and knives all my life. Sometimes there were small wounds, but this is normal :)

Indeed, the most fruitful of all labors, the true Labor and born out of love by a mother giving birth to a child. WOW, I can only imagine! I love all the words your picked, and the photos for each one. The view from you sister's deck is Awesome! The butterfly among the lavender flowers... what a great capture! Thanks for sharing you L finds, my friend. I so enjoyed reading and viewing your article!
Have a lovely weekend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks so much @silversaver888 for your lovely comments.😊 I’m happy you enjoyed the post.

Have a great weekend.❤️

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thats alot of comments Lol im prob no where near those numbers hahaha

Hi Manuel @manuel78. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have a look and see how you are doing.😊

same ol penny here penny there llost my marbles every where :P

What’s that saying? “Take care of your pennies and the dollars will will take care of themselves.”

:P my dollars run away think i need a cage !

The sheep and the bird must have a deep mutual understanding haha! Lovely shot and want to be spent sundown at some lakeside like this.. So delicate and beautiful.

Yes, the sheep and birds have a relationship that benefits both of them.

Thanks for your lovely comments @razeiv and for the rehive. 😊

Always a pleasure :)

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Nice pictures for the letter L...

Thanks so much Mike @manorvillemike.😊