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This week is the search for words starting with letter M.


  • Mane

On horses, the mane is the hair that grows from the top of the neck of a horse or other equine, reaching from the poll to the withers, and includes the forelock or foretop. It is thicker and coarser than the rest of the horse's coat, and naturally grows to roughly cover the neck. Heredity plays a role, giving some horses a longer, thicker mane, and others a shorter, thinner one. Source

I stopped to take this photo when I saw the horse in a pasture while I was driving by a farm.

This pretty horse looks like she’s having a bad mane day.


  • Marching Band

A Marching Band is a group of musicians who perform while marching. Usually they march in a parade or for competition.

This marching band was in a parade in my old hometown in New Brunswick.


I love the bagpipes in a marching band.


  • Mushrooms

After the rain I went outside to see these ink cap mushrooms had popped up on the lawn. They are edible but I have never picked any to eat. @johannpiber’s L post gave me the idea of a mushroom when he had a photo of one included.:)


  • Mallow or Malva Mallow Flowers

I’ve often posted the mallow flowers after they bloom each year. I call them Grandmother flowers because I brought back a root of one from her old homestead and they have multiplied and give lovely displays of color every summer.


  • Moth

A lovely moth on the mallow flowers called a Hummingbird Moth. It has a body similar to a bee and transparent wings that move rapidly like a hummingbird.


The hummingbird moth is from a family of moths known as hawk moths.They are often mistaken for hummingbirds because they hover in the air when feeding from the nectar of flowers.

To read more about these fastenating little moths of the Sphingidae family check Here.


  • Mallard Duck

It’s easy to spot the male Mallard duck with his glossy green head and gray and white on the body. The female is not as brightly colored. She is mainly brown speckled.

A family of Mallards with the colorful male on the left and female and babies on right side of photo.


I had previously made this collage of the Mallard duck family.


  • Mudhole

A crow checks out the mudhole left by the rainfall. All the soil on P.E.I. is a red color.


All photo are mine unless sourced

Camera: CanonEOS Rebel T6

Alphabet Hunt is hosted by @barbara-orenya in the Feel Good community.


Animated Banner Created By @zord189

Courtesy of @derangedvisions



Hi Jo and welcome back!! Beautiful post and photos! I love every single one too! 💖

Thanks so much Dee! 💞 We had a great time.

You are welcome Jo! 💖

good m pretty
I like pipers hehehe
Happy Monday

Happy Monday @txatxy.I'm happy you liked them.💞

Mane and Marching band are very intresting wordpicks! and seems nobody else but you, shared a Moth. well done, good tropheys. happy hunting next week!

Thanks @qwerrie! It’s a fun hunt.

Have a great day.

Love that crow in the red mud puddle photo, but I bet you knew that would be my favorite! I adore your Grandmother flowers.
Great M words. Mane is unique and those are beautiful photo!

Hi Melinda. I’m glad you liked my selections, especially the crow.😊

My sister is happy to be at her cottage. We had a visit with her for a few days. Although the maritimes are in a bubble we still had to show ID at the border of the provinces.

Have a wonderful week. 💞

I hope that she found everything okay at the cabin and I'm glad you were able to have some time together. So many people here are ignoring the dangers of the virus and are just going about life as normal. You can tell it by the numbers as they continue to grow here. I really have no reason to go out anywhere and don't mind living the quiet life that I have been living for the past few months.

Rose was happy everything was okay when they finally were able to go to the cottage. They did have some water damage at one time but put in a new window upstairs off the bedroom. That stopped the leaks and everything was as she left it.

I’m surprised at the number of cases still climbing in the States. I’m glad you are keeping safe Melinda.❤️

I'm not surprised that the virus continues to spread here. People treat it like it is an inconvenience that has gotten in the way of them having fun with their friends.

So glad everything was fine at the cabin!

...a bad mane day ! 😂
Your selection is great my dear , I wish I had thought to the Mallard duck, we have so many here and I have a lot of shots but I didn't give them a thought..😏
This hummingbird Moth is an impressive critter I didn't know the existence 😊
Thanks for your participation @redheadpei !

Thanks Barbara. 💞I'm happy you got a chuckle out of the "bad mane day."😆

Have a wonderful week!

Wonderful choices of M's my friend, and beautiful photos! I live in a farm town too, and surrounded by lots of farms! Thanks for sharing for finds.
Have a lovely afternoon, and take care🥰🌺🤙

I'm happy you enjoyed my choices @silversaver888.💞

Have a wonderful week.😊

Mallard ducks are a menace where I live inter-breeding with local ducks Mallard Ducks Invasive Species although I have not seen one I will be on the lookout to save future generations of local ducks.

Mane on that horse is gorgeous, windblown beauty.

Lovely selection, yes pipers in marching bands always gets one toe tapping!

Have a magical week Jo.

Thanks Joan @joanstewart. I didn’t know about the mallard being a menace in your country.

I’m happy you liked my choices and the wind blown mane.😄

Have a wonderful week Joan.😊

Ironically I had read up just recently about them being a problem, was totally unaware never seen one though.

Horses are beautiful, not something we see often either, couple of horses cross our path sometimes on the beach where they have a permit to ride.

Wonderful post Jo, welcome back home 😄

It would be much easier if I'd write what I don't like, because then I had nothing to do 😉

The Mane of this lovely horse looks just cool that way and I love to listen to bagpipes too.

Thanks for mentioning me - I had thought of a Mushroom too, but I couldn't find a photo 😉

The Grandmother flowers are beautiful - I remember you have posted photos of it before.

I still haven't seen a Hummingbird Moth this year, but quite a few Mallard ducks and I agree with @melinda010100, the crow at the red Mudhole looks cool 😆

Cheers and !BEER

Thanks Johann for the welcome back. 😊 It was a lovely visit. My sister wanted us to stay longer but I always remember the saying, “ After 3 days company begins to smell like dead fish.” 😀 Hubby and I will have another visit there nearer September.

I’m happy you liked my choices and the Mane and crow at the Mudhole.

Weather here has been in high 20’s. I hope you are having good weather and a wonderful week.

Good morning Jo,

I haven't heard that saying before, but I do also prefer shorter visits, but more often - maybe for exactly this reason, I just didn't know it 🤣

Yeah, I like the look of this beautiful horse a lot and the crow looks just cool at this red puddle :)

This morning is a bit overcast, but I don't mind, because I will leave my office not before tomorrow afternoon 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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Lovely examples of M! My favorite is the mane. 🐴

Thanks so much Wandrnrose for your lovely moment and the rehive.💞

Have a wonderful week!😊

Thank you, dear. ❤

What a lovely nature post i love the little horse i think she needs a cuddle 😊

Thanks so much @bigsambucca. She does need a cuddle. 😊

And i hope you gave her one...hehe ❤️

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 14 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix! Always appreciated.💞

Lovely post of nature and animals great finds the little pony needs a bit of cheering up by the look on her face poor little girl properly upset that she can't get to the hairdresser because of the lockdown 😊

Thanks @kohsamui99! Haha the little pony does look a tad sad. A trip to the hairdresser or a nice brushing would cheer her up.😊 think the little pony would appreciate this 😊

Nice alphabethunt contest photography.

Thanks @kamrunnahar! 🙂

Amazing! Are they defence personnel or something?

Very great nature choice. Liked them! :)

Thanks @razeiv! I’m happy you liked my choices.

The folks in the Marching Band are not defence but carrying over a tradition from Scotland. Here the pipers are always dressed n the traditional kilt.

I didn't know what "mane" is until I read this. Hehehe! New vocab to me! 😍 And it's very adorable horse!

I love the marching band! 😍 Pretty to look at and they're in uniform! Are they wearing skirts?

Those flowers are beautiful and refreshing to look at. 🌸 Thank you so much for sharing this.

Thanks for your lovely comments @gingbabida. 😊Yes the marching band were dressed in kilts. Kilts are part of the Scottish Highland dress.

I am wondering if it is in Scotland. 😊

No this parade was in Canada.

Ohhhhh! 😍 That's awesome!!! Hahaha! 😊 Because Canada and Scotland is under Britain? 😬

Canada is not under Britain now. Canada is an independent country and part of the North American continent.

It’s a bit confusing as we still have a strong connection with Britain and are still part of the British Commonwealth.

Oh I see. Maybe the right term is "used to be" under Britain! Hahaha! 😂😂

Great photos Joanne ! So creative and that first one is one foxy blonde lol :)

Thanks Rob! She is quite the little foxy lady. 😄

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