Ohh Let’s Hunt for Os

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This week the #alphabethunt is on for the Letter O.


  • Orwell Corners Historic Village

If visiting PEI, Orwell historic village is a great place to experience the charm of a small village from the 1890s. There’s candle and ice cream making, blacksmith shop and other features like the tea room.


In the early 19th century, settlers were brought out by Captain John MacDonald, as well as families that came from the Isle of Skye, Scotland, County Monaghan in Ireland and United Empire Loyalists. Many of the current residents in the Orwell community are descendants of these early pioneers. Source.

Collage of some of the sights I saw there. The last photo of the house, with the glassed-in veranda, is where the tea room is situated.


  • Orange Lilies

These are the orange lilies growing around my back deck. The wonderful thing about them as they need no care and come up faithfully each year with a lovely display of orange.


  • Oregano

There are different types of Oregano, This is Golden Oregano I have growing in the flower garden. It is a perennial aromatic herb grown for its edible qualities but the golden is also grown for ornamental purposes.


I often pick the oregano to add to pizza or pasta sauce. It’s strong pungent flavor is good in anything using tomatoes. By late summer it can be picked and dried to use all winter.

  • Ocean

Living on an Island, I am surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.


After a morning on the ocean emptying lobster from the traps, a lobster boat comes into harbor.


  • Oar

An oar is an implement used to move a canoe, kayak or other non-motorized water crafts along in the water.

Here two girls and a boy are having fun using oars to move their boards around in the water.

Oars have a wide flat end while the other long slender end is grasp by the rower in the canoe or other water vessel..


Is it an oar or a paddle?

The difference is that oars are used mainly for rowing and usually attached to the side of the boat. Paddles are not attached to the vessel. They are held in both hands by the paddler and used primarily for kayaking or in a canoe.

A kayaker, using a paddle, is in no hurry on his leisurely trip along the lake shore.


  • One

One is a single unit. It is the first of the numbers followed by two.

Besides being used in measurement, words that mean one are Only, alone, solitary.

How to make a number one (for children).


I got the little verse from this site helping teachers to instruct children how to make the numbers. A unique idea as one can always remember easier if something is relayed in a rhyme.


All photos and text @redheadpei unless sourced

#alphabethunt is hosted by @barbara-orenya in the Feel Good community

Thanks for reading my post on the Alphabet Hunt for letter O.


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A very refreshing post on nature love that country side looks very peaceful 😊

It is peaceful here. Thanks@kohsamui99.

Have a wonderful week.😊

I love visiting historic towns. Nice post.


Great O words! I always love seeing some of the sights around your island! Have you noticed that Ecency has a web based site now that will work on your tablet?

Thanks @melinda010100!❤️

I’m going now to check out the site.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday Melinda.

Wonderful selection in your pretty island my dear ! 😊
I've noticed on the Orwell Corner sign that it is written in french too...do you know the reason ?

Official Languages Act (1969) is the federal act that made English and French the official languages of Canada. It requires all federal institutions to provide services in English or French on request. A lot of signs are in both language.

I did take some French in high school -mostly written. Unfortunately I couldn’t carry on a conversation in French.

Howdy redheadpei! What a wonderful glimpse of your area up there. Almost makes me want to visit Canada. lol.

Morning Cowboy. I’m happy you enjoyed the post. 😊 We are having warm weather but probably still a lot cooler than your area.

I’m going over to check your page in case you posted something new.

Have a great Wednesday.

Howdy today redheadpei! How warm is warm up there? I bet the night time temperatures are wonderful. That's why I need a summer place in Canada!

Mornin’ Cowboy. Here on PEI it has been 30 C (86F) most days and going down to 20C (68) at night.

Now in other provinces it may be hotter like in Toronto, Ont.

Oh man, that is perfect weather! But that isn't going to last long is it? The summers here last for about 8 months. lol.

Mornin’ Cowboy. Anytime it’s not freezing cold is perfect weather in my books. 😀

Usually from May to October the weather is pleasant with July and August the hotter.

Always interesting to learn more about your beautiful island. It seems to me the orange lilies grow everywhere. We have lots in front of our block of flats. And I love oregano in pasta and pizza. 😀
Guess what we have for dinner tonight? Pasta with tomato sauce and of course - oregano in it.

I’m happy you find it interesting Neli.❤️ Sounds like a lovely dinner and fresh oregano smells so good.😊

Educational and fun with the letter "O" once again Jo.

Lobster, herbs and small towns all sound wonderful to enjoy the rich heritage of the region.

Obviously wishing you a wonderful weekend hopefully all outdoors!


Thanks for the visit Joan and your lovely comments.

Have a great Sunday!

Damn you don't mess around straight of the mark well done and again you have a couple in there that were in my mind but i guess the ocean is going to be seen a lot here 😊

Thanks @bigsambucca. I think Ocean will be in a lot of posts. That wouldn’t be odd. :)

It won't be Odd at all and they are nice to see 😊

I wanted to use the word Odd in my choices but didn’t have a photo. 🙃

So you left it for me that's very nice of you ...hehe 😊

Haha @bigsambucca. I hope you can use odd. somehow.😀

I was but decided not to i found something different 😊

Your title made me smile, dear Jo, maybe you'll see it when I post my Os tonight (hint: 6th word) 😉

I'd love to live closer to the ocean - photographing waves and sunrises at the beach would be so nice 😊

This Orwell Corner sounds interesting and like a place nearby where you can also see old houses and experience the life of the people in the 19th century.

Oops, I almost forgot to write my thoughts how you could post so fast: now you can admit it, you haven't visited your sister, Jo, you have been at home thinking of the Os 😁 lol

This was another cool #AlphabetHunt post by you, dear Jo, now you can lean back and enjoy a little break from hunting 😉

Cheers and !BEER
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Oops 😉

Something happened to my reply to you on engage. It was a long one and I will try again.

Thanks for the bro token. It was sweet gesture even if it didn't work.🤗

You are right-I didn't visit my sister. Normally I would have liked to go there on the 2nd week of August as it is the Annual Celebration at the St. Francis Of Assisi Shrine in that area. There will be no gathering this year because of the pandemic.

You’ve got me curious what the last O word is on your post. I looking forward to reading it.

Thanks so much dear Johann for the rehive, tip, engage tokens and generous goodies.😊


I think it is too hot here again, because I seem to have lost some time - I thought of your visit two weeks ago and my mind told me it has been last weekend ... I think my brain is boiling 😵

The bro token is very new to me and you can send only 3 per day if you have at least 10 of these token. I thought it works like the beer token where you can send 1 !BEER per day per 24 staked beer token.

It is in your title and starts with O but I have written it different 😁 lol

You know it's always a pleasure for me, Jo 😊
I hope you have a cooler day than we have here. They said we'd have thunderstorms today, but I didn't see many clouds ⛅

Good Night Johann. I just read your Os and loved them all. Using the Oh was a creative touch to your post.

We are also having heat and it does play havoc with one’s mind. It was another 30C day here but at about 6 P.M. a huge downpour and it cooled everything down. I was driving home from Montague and saw a beautiful double rainbow It was raining and the sun was shining. By the time I got home it had disappeared. No pot of gold to be found. 😉

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and cooler weather dear Johann.

Good morning Jo,

I reply to this comment first and will say thank you so much for liking my Os in my other reply 😁

The night was hot and the morning began gray and foggy, but it was warm and now that the fog is gone is it getting hot again.
Maybe we'll have some storms here and there, but after it the heat comes back quickly.

A double rainbow is so beautiful - I have seen and photographed only one last year I think, but although I followed it for quite a while along the lake it suddenly disappeared and so I also couldn't find a pot of gold 😉

I wish you also a wonderful Friday, dear Jo, and I hope for you the same as you do: a cooler weather 😊

Cheers and !BEER

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 16 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix. Appreciated!❤️

I loved all of these Jo! Oregano was a great one and those orange lilies are beautiful! I would love to see the inside of the tea room. I will have ocean in mine also and I love your photos of the ocean there! 🙂 💕

Thanks Dee. I think Ocean will be in a few posts. I thought O would be a difficult one but once I thought about it the words came. maybe once the pandemic is over the tea house will open again and I can get some photos.

I’m happy you loved my choices Dee. I look forward to seeing your selections. ❤️

You're very welcome Jo! 💞

Sorry about the BRO, Jo, I thought it would be like the beer token, but it is not :(
I give you !ENGAGE 30 instead 😊

No problem Johann. It was a lovely gesture. Thanks for the engage tokens. Much appreciated.💝

You're most welcome Jo 😊

Cheers and !BEER

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Hi @reheadpei, (Jo) was a fun selection of words and associated photos. I have to say that I love your orange lilies, they are so pretty.

Thanks Angie. ❤️ Both my Orange and Burgundy lilies are blooming now and make a nice show of color.

Great choices, @redheadpei! I learned something new today!
Have a great weekend ahead, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks @silversaver888.🌸 I’m happy you found something new in my choices. ❤️🌸

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, I’ll be checking on your Os. 🙂

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Oh! how early "O" is here, I just finished "N" 😀

You do live in a exotic place, I wish I was just in that kind of place fishing, boating, sunbathing 😃

Nice O collection!

Thanks @razelv. I’m glad you liked my Os. I’m looking forward to seeing your choices. I saw you just finished your N but after the O there is a break until August 27( I think that is the date @barbara-orenya gave in her post).

Yes, a break well deserved 😁

Planning to organise some nice O's before that.

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