Old New Year

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She arrived slowly, she moved slowly, she passed slowly and that beautiful Old New Year is still going on


I don't know how and where I will be, that's the question because the day is very, very long, for now I'm at home and I'm writing this post,


I'm listening to nice music, I should throw myself in the shower and wash the dishes I made in the early morning






I hope that, as always, I will see off this old year with a gig, maybe a bonfire, maybe a small fire, only if this rain, which is lightly pouring drop by drop,



through those gray clouds with that beautiful uniformly grayish color that smells of snow the snowflakes melt can't create strength don't let them make snowflakes that would



which would be enriched with a snowy look and a smile and joy with a white blanket that changes the view of nature but the child's happiness of that view is beautiful when they wake up and see everything white all covered

prickly tomato


For now, it's such a beautiful and dewy weather for me, it's raining gently and I'm enjoying it


a natural bouquet of mimosa that is prepared for several months to bloom


and so I greet you with joy, happiness and of course a lot of love to all of you to be cheerful, happy and of course health that is not lacking and the money will somehow come

a little to see off this old year here on Hive with my winter garden flowers and text. What a word Alegriaaaa

And Happy New Year to all jejejejeje



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