OK, so there's this buzz about https://d.buzz/ app. I've seen it, didn't react t ...

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OK, so there's this buzz about https://d.buzz/ app. I've seen it, didn't react till now. Any chance of adding photos? 162 characters left. What to say more? Let's send this boat to the open sea and see if it floats ...


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As long as you post a link of a picture ending with .jpg .gif or similar, it will show up as a picture. Example:

So how would someone be able to a picture to a post from say, the mobile gallery located on phone?

You first need to upload the photo to a website like https://postimages.org and copy the link from there.

Thanks for the assist. That worked out pretty well for adding a picture to my latest #dbuzz

That worked out pretty well

Great to know!

  • Markdown can be used on @dbuzz
  • You can try it for the next Buzz

Thanks. So, we are back to the good old days, four years ago when the only way to post an image was to put it somewhere on the web and paste a link to it in your post :)

That is only for now.

We are working on quite of few updates that will all be rolled out at once.

( Image Uploads is one of them 👍 )

In the meantime, we also have other updates that are getting rolled out each week ✔️🙂

That's great to hear.

Mobile version is in the plans too, I presume?


Our devs know how to convert mobile Web applications into mobile apps, so it will be coming

Some things are just taking time, but once the next batch of major updates are rolled out, all at once

We should much much faster in terms of development and innovation from there

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