I wasted 5307 satochi’s this morning on freebitcoin trying to be smart. I’ll wri ...

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I wasted 5307 satochi’s this morning on freebitcoin trying to be smart. I’ll write a post about it tomorrow. Mostly a note to myself to not do this ever again. Perhaps you can learn from my mistake 😅


I smell a betting scenario here... :)

Yup, I tried the high low multiplier game. I got lucky too, since I doubled the amount through the game before I lost everything.

You have a great sense of smell... ;)
I mean figuring out what might have happened.

there weren't too many options... lol

Sounds like you tried to deposit BTC the take up their 4% interest on account balance.

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I hadn't heard of the #Telokanda Hive Dapp before, sounds interesting 🧐

I just have a little over 300k sat balance in Freebitcoin, tried to add another 500k but the transaction bounced back to my wallet after several weeks after wondering where it went.

Telokanda's mission is to educate Africans about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.
It's the development of human capital and potential to Africans, like "teach a person to fish and he can feed himself and his family... "

Neither have I. Can you tell me more about it when you do check it out? :) just curious... tnx!

No, I tried the btc multiplier game where you bet for a high or low roll. I thought I had a good way to do that. I should have known better. The house always wins.

Same odds in those DIscord Dice games, watch your step there too. Odds always favor the house. already seen plenty of people get terribly addicted in the Discord Casinos.

True, I will stay far away from those

Mostly a Note to myself ..

That sentence I will never say again to me .. In my case it doesn't was 5k, which I have burned in one night on freebitcoin ..

It was my amount to earn the interests‼️

Yeah .. 30k in five hours 😱🙈🙉🙊

Haha .. Shit happens‼️

Ah man, that will have felt bad. I realized afterwards that when something feels too good to be true, then it is indeed to good to be true. You might get lucky at first, which I did, but in the end the house always wins.

Life teached me, that gambling isn't the right way for me, to get rich!!

I am getting rich, when I bring myself in & work hard on my goals!

But don't get panic, when you earn no cash, for a project 👉 sometimes life change the currency from $$ to enlightenment or inspiration ..

Life is when you plan something & life change it

True, it is daily showing up and then you either win or you learn.

You should join the ctp tribe. It is full of people that have that same mentality.

I will take a 👀

Peace /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

You too!