Game of Life | Story of A Stupid Mastermind

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Michael was about it win that game, even when he didn't have the queen to make his best move. He's not the angel Michael, he's just a Michael who is just good at the game of chess. His whole world fits inside this 64 equal squares. Others may think that it's just a simple space but in reality, it's the infinitely wide area with more complex possibilities than the world outside. There are about 121 million possible games just after the 3 pairs of moves.


Michael knew that there are far more possibilities than in real life. But then things started changing rapidly, his real-life became harder and harder at each stage

It came like he couldn't find any more possibilities to win his game of life. He was brilliant enough to find the better one from millions of options inside those squares. But in his real life, he didn't even know what was happening around him.

Everyone thought that Michael's gonna become someone like Steve Jobs or Bill gates. It's just those stupid people. His mother saw him more and more above that. His mother doesn't want him to be like one of those millionaires. She wanted him to be the answer to the questions about what real life is.

At some part of Michael's life, he also started asking that question to himself. What this whole life means, and that's the thing made his life like this. He's living his life striving hard each day even to afford the basic needs. He's a little bit old now, not a kid anymore. His mother has died, anyway, her purpose was completed. She just passed the question about this chaotic life to him.

Now it's his burden, the burden that makes him weaker in each second. He had dated a few girls, all of them didn't make any impression on him. They were good, but he tried to mess the relationship with his quirky brain. His mother just made him the one who can only think with the brain, so he never listened to the heart. Poor Micahel didn't know that there is something that could be dealt with the heart.

For him, the heart was just a pumping machine. It's a pumping machine, but it isn't the heart mentioned above. I'm talking about the fake heart where those fake feelings are created. He isn't a man with any kind of fake aspects. He is just a rude stupid kid with a high processing brain. The one which he thinks ruined his life.

He's just a loner, there isn't anyone sitting opposite to him anymore to play that game. Now he's playing both the sides, the white and the black. One refers to the good and the other refers to evil. For him, the black was the angel, he was the only one who could see the angel in the black.

This loner life bored him, the games he played inside his brain is making him more and more uncomfortable to fit with reality. So one day he just left the house, there wasn't anyone to say goodbye to. He travelled across the mountains, he set his mind to find anyone who even just has the brain to sit just opposite to him to play the game. All he wanted was just one who could sit opposite to him.

There were hot afternoons, rainy evenings and mysterious nights. It's about to reach a year after he left home, still, the answer to the question and the search for one still continues. Then at the peak of a big mountain, he found a girl. She was just collecting things the travellers left on the path.

She just looked at him in a different way than anyone had looked at him in years. That made an impression on him, he saw some kind of a mastermind in her. It's just like those angel girls in those fairy tales. But it was just a mistake, she was just a common girl. She didn't even know the rules to play the game. But she had a single piece of information that changed Michael's whole life.

She just sat beside him, after that he didn't need anyone to sit opposite to him. And it had the answer to that question.

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