⭐️ Young Woman Baking some pastry 💙🍰🍪🧁

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Hey there!
And yet another digital paint practice from March, this time it's a young woman baking a cake or cookies, it was really fun to do 🧁🍰🍪...hmmm I want some cookies! 🤤.

Technical Info:
Digital Art
Created using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
and Wacom Bamboo Drawing pad

Creation Process GIF

Final Art

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons
- @melooo182


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Hola Melo, como estás, me gusta mucho tu pintura digital, un abrazo y que tengas un día espectacular

Hola Esperanza!! 💙
🎨 Muchas gracias! 😁😁😁

Estoy bien con un poco de sueño hoy jaja
🤗 igual tu que tengas un dia super!!! 🤩