My Actifit Selfie: May 28 2020

in hive-193552 •  last month 

Managed to get my daily workout in as per usual and on day 2 of the fast going much better than yesterday! Also broke lock down rules again and got myself a haircut because no government tells me what to do

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What do you good people of HIVE think? Does the boys cut look fresh or fresh to death?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Daily Activity,Weight Lifting

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Nice hair cut buddy looking fresh, please break lockdown rule again today 😀😀😀 you don't want the minisiters on your case do you?

LOL and who do you think is maintaining Cyrils cheese kop hmmm? I don’t think it’s that shiny by accident!

Hahaha true! I went for my haircut at my barber's yard last weekend

i'm drinking but setting up some more accounts... there is a celsius live talk on youtube tmw (FRI) at 1 PM EST (USA), i'm going to check it out.

i'm also heading in to some coin ... this btc bounce of the low end is looking good

I hope you’re not over investing only add as much as you’re willing to lose these are still custodial services! I think if you’re happy with these then you may also want to check out a few staking coins too

ty, what does custodial service exactly mean? don't they have these in cold storage like blockfi?

It means you don’t have ownership of the coins yes they have it in cold storage and own the address so we trusting them with the coins! At least with staking you own everything

Looking cute with those side beards popping out.

Lol I’m still a small boy in the beard game I just can’t get that lions 🦁 mane going

Lol. This is better off. Those ones would make you look rugged.😄

lol ladies seen to love that Jason Mamoa look

Umm... yeah, but not all of them.

lol true but the ones that do seem to be the types that I like, lol the dilemma

Yeah, everyone with their choice.

Damn son, cross post this Instagram posing selfie in that new selfie community! That cut is fresher than the Fresh Prince!

LOL! I didn’t want to jump on the whole selfie bandwagon! I already saw people getting butt hurt about $60 rewards on selfies

Haha, thought it'd be up your street, getting that extra Hive with the latest Hive craze! People get butthurt about anything, this is Hive lol

LOL I think it taints the experience if they try to put a reward value on this face, it would probably break the chain so I’ll let this one slide! I want HIVE to be the social media where I’m not known for my looks, that I save for onlyfans

Yeah when you put it like that, can fully understand why you wouldn't want to put others off posting when you'd clearly get over $100 per instagram-style post. Just wouldn't be fair.

💪 Good!

Lol straight to the point, I’ll take it

Also broke lock down rules again and got myself a haircut because no government tells me what to do

Nice Freedom Cut, Dude! 🤓

Lol cutting out the bullshit! We might soon all be homeless but atleast I want to look like I’m not

Haircut fresh as fuck. No government can mess with you now you rule breaker. :p

I don’t think anyone got anything significant done by following the rules!

That is true lol.

Nice photograph!

Thanks mate, #nohomo only Joe Rogan for me that’s my man crush

Looks fresh 😅☺️

LOL! It feels fresh too! So when are we getting your selfie submission? 😛

haha why am I always oversleeping... Is something like a selfie challenge here?😅

lol yes theirs a selfie challenge going on right now I didn’t join it but you can check the selfie tag theirs a community for it

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