My Financial Report Card: May 30 2020

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As we get to the end of the month I normally settle my credit card and then start putting away the rest into various savings mechanisms and then start rebalancing my portfolio!

The only feel good factor I have at this point is the fact that I’m up YOY on nominal terms but I can say it doesn’t look good

I wouldn’t say in the most risk on guy,crypto is my risk part of my portfolio 💼 As for stocks I’m not a gambler so I don’t go for stocks for resale but stocks that paid dividend and I got hold for a long time

Apart from my retirement savings which are most likely going to get a haircut soon, all my fiat denominated assets are down in nominal terms and then when we factor in inflation it’s even worse.

Fiat looks like the slowest loser in the race right now with my cash savings getting a 50% haircut in interest earnings which is now well below the predicted government inflation and far below actual inflation so I’m losing money the slowest way I can

All the while my crypto has been pretty buoyant.

  • cash 45%
  • assets denominated in cash 38%
  • crypto 17%

As crypto continues to rise its gobbling up ground as more of my net worth and what freaks me out is that all I’ve been doing is dollar cost averaging and then sizing a few alt positions.

I have no debt so I’m not the most exposed person at this point and I think the rest of the world is not paying attention! Just looking at the U-turn I’m seeing in my portfolio I fear the worst.

Once the market starts to price in the job loss, the time cost loss, the rising debt and the insolvency rates continue to rise with unemployment and the velocity of money drops it’s going to be one hell of a correction and that’s not even considering the inflation at this point.

Factors to price in

Fiat and fiat denominated assets are bleeding slowly but consistently and its shaping up for a few bigger corrections

  • Once people realize their homes aren’t worth half of what they thought they were
  • Once people savings dry up
  • Once the pensions take the haircut
  • Once the money printing sweeps into the real economy

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Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Are you watching the launch? Have you been checking your finances?

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My financial report card. I like that. Is it just your idea or something special. Its a good way to see others point of view.
Tell me how to join if it is something lika "my activefit report"

Lol it’s just something I made up when thinking of something to post with my actifat report! Feel free to join in hopefully we can get more to join us

feels like something for Leo Finans.
Alright - I will try

will make my card ready in some day. Just sketching

Damn you have a portfolio of 125% please teach me

Thats how we do it in sweden....

I have some stocks in cryptocompany. I have to calculate them in both categories...

No - I will do it better next time. Just testing. First I have to decice what to calculate with. My retirement, long term or short term savings.

First, you have given me what i will do tomorrow..
I have to say that we have to store value in something that is not controlled by the government atleast till correction happens..


I don't get

It’s a tipping bot! I sent you some tokens for your engagement! The bot wasn’t working since the move to HIVE but it’s back now so I’m using it

  ·  last month (edited)

Thank you so much.. how do i assess the tokens

In your Hive-engine wallet

Glad to see I inspired someone else, the financial report looks like it’s going to be a hit! Hopefully more come on board

Oh for sure especially those of us in high inflation countries we don’t have the time someone in the US or other nations have to convert their cash flow into something else

Thats true...

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