Hydrangea: Pair of Happy Young Trees in Summer [Bonsai]

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This pair of trees I have been growing from cuttings for a couple years.

Even though I prune them to stay small, so they remain in these tiny pots, they are developing well. I can tell by the color of the oldest leaves they are becoming extremely healthy. Soon they will have a strong trunk and vigorous growth from many buds.


This variety of tree is very easy to care for. The soil dries out fast, despite having lots of peat, which tells me they are heavy drinkers. (All of my youngest trees/cuttings I grow in cheaper potting soil.) Good for me, because I tend to over-water most plants, and these are basically unkillable for someone like me who wants to frequently care for my trees by watering them.

After a few days of going unwatered, or on a hot day, the leaves will droop, a sign that the plant is thirsty. The leaves perk right up once watered again.

The best part about growing hydrangeas is that they flower so easily. Some varieties will bloom multiple times a year. These are the common snowball variety, developing a white spherical plume of many clustered flowers.


The pair of young trees I named Beauty and Belle, but I had never assigned one name specifically to one or the other. I think today I should make that task.

Historical Information

ID: 0026
Nickname: Beauty
Type: Hydrangea
Age: 3 years
Grown: cutting
Last repotting: Never
Wired: Never

So this one, I named Beauty. The base of the trunk is hidden under the soil. In bonsai the base of the trunk is called the Nebari, and it is considered the most important part of the tree aesthetically that determines its value. Perhaps in this tree, the real beauty is what lies hidden beneath.

Many serious bonsai buyers will dig under the soil slightly to check if a beautiful nebari is hidden from sight. Sometimes the nebari is buried many inches below the soil before the roots form. A tree is usually much healthier and lovely to look at if this part of the trunk is exposed to the sunlight and dry air.

Perhaps this next spring I will repot the tree and find out what treasure is buried below the soil.


Historical Information

ID: 0051
Nickname: Belle
Type: Hydrangea
Age: 3 years
Grown: cutting
Last repotting: Never
Wired: Never

And this tree I chose to name Belle. It clearly has a vase-shape style . Turned upside down, the twin trunks resemble a Bell-shape. The tree already has the grand shape of a wide shade tree a town might enjoy having situated in the middle of their village square.

Both of these trees are nods to Disney's Beauty and the Beast story. To me, these trees have a sort of Disney animated look to them, with the large showy green leaves, and idyllic sprawling shapes of a cartoon tree.

Like Belle in the story, I am hoping these two trees will become good examples of how beauty in bonsai can be found in material most people would quickly overlook.

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I hope that they would turn into a beautiful bonsai in the future @creativetruth :D