Maple Tree in Summer: Let It Grow [Bonsai]

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Here is my Maple tree. I have been training it to grow in bonsai form.

There are some white marks on the leaves, which I believe is from mineral build up, caused by the heavy water I shower it with using the sprinkler hose. It might be developing into a powdery mildew, but it does not seem to be harming the tough leaves. The tree gets strong sunlight every day.

It has been so hot this past month, I had been watering my trees twice a day. The moss has been thriving on the soil surface as a result.

Historical Information

ID: 0021
Nickname: Lefty
Type: Maple
Age: 3 years
Grown: seed
Last repotting: January 2020
Wired: June 2018


As much as I want to pinch off the less attractive leaves, I've had bad success in doing so with other potted Maples. They spend so much stored energy to build those big leaves in Spring, they become very weakened. Too much pinching and pruning in the growth season can spell doom on the tree, because it has no energy left to restore itself before next Spring.

So I'm going to leave the leaves alone, and enjoy it's greenery for the rest of the season.

Clearly the tree is in a better state of health than the previous year. I had repotted it into better soil this past Winter. Next I would like to see stronger growth patterns before I attempt to do any pruning or pinching.

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Nice looking early Maple.

My mom has a couple of bonsai at home. I might make a post out of it later.