MUSIC A to Z Challenge #Q Quantic soul orchestra and Queens of the stone age.

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OK once again iv'e been a bit slack and it's a few days since my last one of these but I started so I will see it through not too far to go now, so here is my entry for @psos music challenge, today i'm on bands or songs starting with the letter Q.

I'm going to kick of with a US based English artist Will Holland better known as Quantic or The Quantic soul orchestra has been described as a one man music factory. He produces a blend of electronic, soul, Nu jazz and funk, many of his tunes have a sound of yesteryear, mellow easy listening tracks that you float away with. He has a major love of latin/south American music and collaborates with musicians from all over the globe. Here's one of his funky numbers "Pushin on" Quantic soul orchestra.

Well I can't do "Q" without having Queens of the stone age, this band for me are one of the best live acts of the last couple of decades, every time I have seen them they have blown me away, which is amazing considering how often the band members change. The only constant is frontman Josh Homme formerly of Kyuss, when they split up Homme formed a new band who after a couple of name changes became QOTSA. A stunning vocalist and guitarist, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the world of rock including Dave Grohl who played drums on their best selling album "Songs for the deaf" from that this is "No one knows"

Thanks for taking a look see you next time.

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It is not so easy to pick up something amazing but underrated for DAY Q but you did it very well with Quantic Soul Orchestra

I've never heard about them and instead of working on my own blogpost, I am digging through their music. I just checked one of their most popular track - Terrapin - sounds very nice and funky.

Good job with this article, man!

Yeah top tune is terrapin, I was put onto quantic a few years ago by my friend Soopasoul (Danny hybrid) who is a music producer, he's worth checking out on youtube also if you like it funky.