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Holy cow, another seven days behind us! I feel like I was just writing one of these posts yesterday. I've got something really special for you this week. Also, instead of just embedding the Youtube video I am also going to include a link to it.

It sounds like some people were having issues playing the videos last week. That makes me sad, because I feel like I shared some really awesome stuff last week. I want everyone to be able to take advantage of this awesomeness.

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So here we go, I told you I had something special for you. I spent no less than 8 hours on the phone with AT&T through the course of this week. As you can guess, that means the majority of the music I listened to this week was something like what you see above.

I have never heard of this guy, but hats off to him for nailing it so perfectly. I see this video is from quite some time ago, but the tune he played was oh so familiar to me. It struck me to the depth of my soul and reminded me of the hell that I have been through this past week.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a company like AT&T could "misplace" an account with more than 250 lines on it. They have no problem finding us to send the bill!

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If you have been following me for a while or even somewhat know me, you know that I love Counting Crows. They are one of my all time favorite bands. I have seen them three times in concert and those shows are some of the most memorable I have ever been to.

After my giant fiasco with AT&T I needed a bit of calming down. Good think I know myself, because I quickly knew that some Counting Crows was in order to change my mood.

I get some people may not care for Adam Duritz's voice. For me, that is one of the reasons I enjoy their music so much. That and the way that he can seemingly string random words together into a lyric that speaks to your soul (in a better way that the AT&T music).

This song is off their latest album and it is by far one of my favorites of theirs. In my opinion, Adam is pure poetry and you will never convince me otherwise.

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Alright, this one might be a little controversial. This song and video was just released today. There seems to be a theme this week, because in addition to Counting Crows, I have also seen Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles (as Sugarland) two or three times in concert.

I don't want to make this political, I have my opinions, other people have theirs, lets just leave it at that. As far as the song goes, I think the lyrics are a bit on the nose, bordering on being "hokey". That is a really hard thing for me to say about a Bon Jovi song. Our dog is named Jovi after all.

I think the hook and chorus is great and sends a good message, but again, the verses leave me a bit underwhelmed. Jon Bon is definitely getting old, as expected his voice isn't quite what it used to be in terms of range, but he still has that gravelly tone that the ladies (especially my wife) love.

Jennifer knocks it out of the park as far as I am concerned. There is a point about three quarters of the way through where she holds a note like she stole it from the bank and took off to Mexico with it.

She is absolutely amazing.

So there you go, if you have been listening to something awesome this week let me know about it in the comments. Better yet, write your own post and use the #whoareyoulisteningto tag!

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Nice, I like finding music posts! I love to drop some here and there, particularly my Saturday Night versions.

I've enjoyed Counting Crows in the past, though I'm not sure what song of theirs specifically but they are a decent band. Jovi is pretty good as well, not my favorite band from his generation but I don't mind him.

Funny enough, I've only been to one live music show in my life! (30+ years lol). I've been interested in seeing live bands but never really had the money for it. I absolutely wanted to see Muse years ago but the tickets were insaneeeee so I didn't bother.

I did see this band though, many years ago with my wife for my birthday! Have you ever heard of or listened to Blues Traveler? It was funny, I remember listening to them in my dads truck on the radio when I was a kid, probably a young teenager but I never knew what the name of the band was. I heard it years later and spent probably an hour trying to figure it out and finally found it, I was so excited! I just love that they have the harmonica in there, bands that combine non-traditional instruments into popular music really go well with me!

Blues Traveler - Run Around

But Anyway

Yeah, I love Blues Traveler. They are pretty awesome. The funny thing is "Run Around" was their first big hit and there were so many people who thought the guy in the video was the lead singer. They were totally freaked out when they found out it wasn't him. I have been to so many shows. You are right, it is very expensive. I have a picture frame in the basement that has all of my tickets from over the years. I would bet there is probably close to $10,000 worth of shows there if not more.

Yeah I can totally see that being mistaken, the video is misleading lol I only know of it because seeing them in concert, I was like uh that's not him!

I don't doubt it, tickets run up quite a cost sometimes! Muse was like 200$ a ticket, I was like wtf?

I don't think I have ever paid that much for a ticket. The Elton John ones we bought this past year were pretty close. Too bad it got postponed...

Ahahahahaha. I guzbucking hate being on the tech line with tech companies. HATE Sprint not only has uniquely awful music the fidelity is beyond horrible. It's (or was more correctly) pure agony. To the point that I mentioned it to the techs I finally got to speak to.

Counting Crows is goooood. Of course, new music to me. Thanks.

I really liked the Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles cut. I'm not the fan you are so I think Bon Jovi sounded just fine. Jennifer Nettles can stop by here on her way to Mexico anytime. Just sayin'

Thanks Bozz. Oh, I heard everything last week but needed the link for the last one today :)

Those damn tech companies, I had to battle with Verizon recently and they made me use the chat feature instead of calling them and the first person just straight up left the help conversation! I was like are you f-ing kidding me?!?!? Damn companies and their monopolies so we can't even switch!

Do you like a long intro of bass-guitar? I've listened to this song for years off and on but it was always the radio cut, I didn't realize the album version had some fantastic really long bass-intro!

Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

Damn. That's quite an intro. 5 or 6 continents worth!

Thanks. More new music to me...

Yeah the video was cool, I never watched it before until I stumbled on the original version here.

If you're interested in another band that I like, I left Bozz a comment with another one called Blues Traveler, not sure if you've heard of it!

I wonder if it has to do with the Vevo cuts specifically. I try to use those because they are typically better quality. I am not shy to admit I would agree with you on the whole Jennifer Nettles thing.

For what’s it’s worth (2 Turkish Lira at current exchange rates), I’ve been listening to a lot of Joy Division, New Order, and David Bowie lately. With some Miles Davis in the mix because, well, Miles Davis.

Excellent choices! I need to dig into some Joy Division. I think I only know a couple of their songs.

Nine hours! That made my forty minutes on hold with Verizon to activate a new phone look like a cake walk. I always liked Counting Crows too.

I’m listening to Dave Brubeck right now. I’ve been listening to his Jazz channel on Pandora more and more, especially when I’m cooking to home. I’ve listened to some Beastie Boys and George Michael this week too.

I hope you and the wife have a wonderful weekend!

Those are some great choices. I like jazz when I am cooking too! Taking a day trip to Toledo to meet the inlaws for lunch.

The hold music thing is fun. I've been stuck on hold too many times and the music is usually crap. The Bon Jovi song would not play in peakd and I found the version with Nettles first. His voice is not what it was, but they still seem to have dedicated fans. She has a good voice.

I just heard Van Morrison has a new song out that complains about the lockdown. People do make it political even though it should be about saving lives. I don't buy into the conspiracy theories about it being orchestrated, but we have to beware of creeping restrictions that use it as an excuse as we saw with 9/11 and other incidents.

Yeah, someone else mentioned that too. I think it has to do with the Vevo videos specifically. I agree with you. I initially thought the whole thing was blown out of proportion, but I have a couple of acquaintances via Hive who have gotten it or had a family member get it and their experience has shifted my stance. I do like the song. Like I said, some of the lines just felt corny. I guess he was trying to be unapologetic-ally up-front and honest about the song, so he definitely accomplished that.

I enjoy these posts of yours gives me songs to listen to whileon the PC,

isn't it amazing how big companies can loose your info when you call them but never loose it for billing as you say

I am glad that you are enjoying them!


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