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I'm participating in the "Music A to Z Challenge" created by @psos and you can check it in his post more details. To participate, just follow the letter that corresponds to today's "P" and make a comment about two bands or songs or singers that start with that letter. Show your feelings for music or your favorite artist. So, let's go to my collaboration today.


To talk about this wonderful artist I have to remember my youthful times when it was the time when I most heard Pitty. A Bahian singer where her homeland is most famous for musical styles that are the opposite of rock, Pitty managed to show that in Bahia you can also hear good music for people to "shake their heads".

In this song "Pulses" as a young man he didn't take his lyrics into account, but he enjoyed his melody, which is sensational. Now more mature and analyzing his lyrics more carefully, I realize that it is quite strong and brings reflections from people who are on the verge of suicide. Nowadays Pitty's musical style is no longer as it was in decades past, but you can still enjoy a good sound.

  • Artist: Pitty
  • Album: {Des}Concerto ao Vivo
  • Launch: 2007
  • Record company: Deckdisc



Paramore, a North American band that has alternative rock in their style, was also part of my youth and listened to this song "Decode" and I consider it one of the best of the band.

This song was also part of the soundtrack for "Twilight", remember that movie? When a song is linked to a movie or series as a soundtrack, the chance of success is very great. And interestingly, the singer Hayley Williams along with Josh said that he composed the song at the same time that he read the first book of the saga. Well, there were plenty of inspirations to make the music brilliant.

  • Artist: Paramore
  • Album: Twilight
  • Launch: 2008
  • Record company: Fueled by Ramen, Warner

Well, those were my contribution today. To the next! 🤟🏼

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I had never heard of Pitty. Very cool girl, she's my kind of gal! 😈

About your second choice, it's actually Paramore and not Paranomore. 😂

Ops... lol

Parabéns, seu post foi selecionado pelo projeto Brazilian Power, cuja meta é incentivar a criação de mais conteúdo de qualidade, conectando a comunidade brasileira e melhorando as recompensas, obrigado!


Somzão da Pitty e já gostei mais do Paramore, mas hoje praticamente não escuto quase nada deles.