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I'm participating in the "Music A to Z Challenge" created by @psos and you can check it in his post more details. To participate, just follow the letter that corresponds to today's "R" and make a comment about two bands or songs or singers that start with that letter. Show your feelings for music or your favorite artist. So, let's go to my collaboration today.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

What about RHCP? I believe that everyone on the planet knows or has heard some music from this incredible band. I spent my youth listening to them and even today many of their songs are on my playlist. The songs of "Red Hot" involve us in a way that is impossible to stay still. For today, maybe it was a big challenge for me to choose only one song.

To leave my record here in honor of the band, I chose "Californication". Who has never played this song on the guitar? Its melody transports us to another dimension. The Californian band has been active for over 30 years and Anthony Kiedis is one of the members who have been there since their first formation. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest rock bands in history. And do you agree with that?

  • Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Album: Californication
  • Launch: 1999
  • Record company: Warner Bros Records


Raul Seixas

I could not fail to remember one who is considered as one of the greatest artists of music in Brazil, the legendary Raul Seixas is the Father of Brazilian Rock and also of "Crazy beauty" (this one I like to mention). It can be said that he was the pioneer in bringing the sound of rock to the country. That was in the 70's when it gained national fame.

Through his music he defended an ideology called "alternative society" and the curious, despite his gift for music, Raul said that his greatest dream was to be a writer like Jorge Amado, but fate brought him to music. Unfortunately Raul left us only 44 years old in 1989, suffered cardiac arrest at his home. His legacy is still remembered by true music lovers.

  • Artist: Raul Seixas
  • Album: Krig-ha, Bandolo!
  • Launch: 1973
  • Record company: Philips Records

Well, those were my contribution today. To the next! 🤟🏼

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Parabéns, seu post foi selecionado pelo projeto Brazilian Power, cuja meta é incentivar a criação de mais conteúdo de qualidade, conectando a comunidade brasileira e melhorando as recompensas, obrigado!


Nice choices. I had never heard about Raul Seixas in my life. Interesting sound and lyrics. Thanks for sharing.

Great recommendations!

RHCP is an awesome band and Raul is a very nice singer.

Verdade amigo, obrigado.