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Welcome to the "TRACK OF THE WEEK CONTEST!" where you share the music you love & stand a chance to win some HIVE - as well as discovering some AMAZING TUNES from around the world!


2021 ROUND 62 (Closes 11am UTC 15th April 2021)



After 7 days I will decide which track I like the most! The winning track selected (by me) will win all the liquid earnings that this post accumulates and the confirmation of funds transfer will be shared in the following round.


Sometimes you guys and gals give me SUCH awesome selections that it is really hard to choose just one winner.... so if there are any additional tracks which I absolutely LOVE I will send those individuals a tip of 1 Hive via their original comment OR via direct transfer.


All you have to do is share a link in the comments to a song that you are really enjoying at the moment - whether it is new or old it does not matter and neither does the music genre... whether you have loved it your entire life or just for a day is irrelevant! just NO personal promo links please! And please do not look at MY track genre selection as a guide to what you should or should not share... I have an incredibly eclectic taste in music and will no doubt continue to shock most of you as the weekly rounds unfold haha!


Right! With the logistics out the way... let's get to it!


which is of no consequence really haha - but what fun would it be if I didn't get to share with you all as well!





PLUS an EXTRA 10 HIVE which was VERY GENEROUSLY sponsored by @galenkp




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A very big thanks to all the people who participated in the last round and previous rounds as well as to everyone who reblogged this to get more people involved.


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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx






Oh lovely entries. Here's mine for the next one-

That's an youtuber who made the Rap. I loved it the initial rap the most. Hope you'll like it as well:)

Love this! So fabulous! 😃

It indeed is fab! Thankyou for commenting:)

Interesting title - I am SO keen to hear this... haha!!!! I only listen to ALL the new entries next Friday...

Hahah yeah it's quite different, you will find it amusing!

Different is normally good :)

Ha! That is really cool! Very different! Thanks for sharing and for participating again :)

I love being part of your Track of the Week posts :) I really think about what it the one song on my mind and why. So this week I wanted to share the perfect song for thinking back on old flames, or what could have been...

So glad you enjoy participating :) This is a really lovely performance and song! Thanks for the share @old-guy-photos

Great sharing always forthcoming from weekly get together to spin a disk, well done to @wwwiebe and great songs shared. Invite to @tonac to join in....

Jethro Tull: Thick as a Brick

Have not heard this one.... or dont think I have... look forward t listening hon.

Enjoy, if the shoe fits type of raunchy sound... Love it!

@joanstewart YOU ARE ONE OF MINE! :D

Almost got to see them live, then concert organizer cancelled... Big Bummer!

Noo, so bad you didn't. I could do anything for that

Win some, lose some, this was a major let down, not the band, the organizers...

I love this album. My dad saw Thick As A Brick live, and so it was a record we often listened to.

Not many bands venture down South, so when they do I was surprised the organizers cancelled out. Jethro Tull did a couple of performances over the years, having young children we missed them at the time.

Lenny Kravitz. You seen this video where he's having drinks in New Orleans and hears a high school choir playing one of his songs? Been a fan ever since.

Never seen that, no! Would like to. Got a link?

Nirvana... mmmm, bringing our the big guns eh :)

Did the link not work for you? I linked it in my comment, it's working on my end. Check it out, you'll love it.

Total blast, drop in, have some fun...

How can anyone not love Lenny Kravitz after that?!

Hijack and outdoor event and make it fun... they will still be thinking about that day for years to come!

Sorry man!!! I overlooked the embedded link. What a cool video... A real person.

Stoked I was your first!

To show the video... The Lenny video!!

Welcome to KrazzyT's Track Wine o' da Week...

April Wine Month

(week 2)

I mean who does not like a little Wine now and again, and again, and... Oh just give me the bottle already.!!

giphy - 2021-04-09T132338.871.gif

Yeah, I drive big trucks...

Near 30 years now. I have hauled a rock band.
I just wish I could'a been drivin' the one in this video.

April Wine

Enough is Enough

I'm not sure which I like best, the Starski & Hutch paint on the truck or the Starski & Hutch hairdo's in the truck.

Great old classic rock. I grew up 13 miles south of the Lake Erie, PA. Shoreline. So as a kid... (Pennsyl-Tucky farmboy) I would listen to the FM radio rock channels from the north side of the lake in Canada.

Great stuff like Rush, Triumph, Kim Mitchel, and this one...

Lunatic Fringe...

One of my concert highlights was at a Rush show. I could see Neal Peart sweat from the front row, less than 6 feet from the stage. But it wasn't until they played working man it made an impression so strong I do stuff like tell people this story.

"But it wasn't until they played working man it made an impression so strong I do stuff like tell people this story."

I do stuff like listen to people tell stories like this...


You are just sucking up with all these wine tracks man.... lol!!!! You ALMOST took todays win I will have you know! :) Look forward to listening next Friday! :)

Juss havin' fun with it.

I confess, I am not much of a Wine person. I do not dislike it. I do however like a light beer over ice... Yes, beer on the rocks. Weird huh.? Lets just keep this between You, I, and the blockchain... LoL


Now you trying to win me over with your kitties! :D

This past week, thirty years ago, I danced with my lovely bride to this song.

Oh this looks like a GOOD one! Look forward to listening next Friday x

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy this sweet duet! Aaron Neville's voice is truly one of a kind. Congratulations on your milestone 30th wedding anniversary! @handofzara🥂💓💍

Nostalgia again 😊❤️

Regards to all!

OooOooOOOoooH I have this album! Was a CD gift from my eldest brother many years ago! Great entry, thank you!

I'm glad for your reaction @jaynie 😀 I have flashbacks when it comes to this album, I associate the songs with a wonderful period and a wonderful time :) So I'm always thrilled when I hear any song from this album!
This is a song I've listened to over and over again because when I like a song I'm able to listen to it for days :)

Awww beautiful track. Was one of my favorite bands when I was a kid. Good memories 😍😊

One of the best albums ever, I adored them :)

this could be spoilery if you have not seen Spartacus tv series.

I have not, and probably won't ever - because I don't watch anything. Perhaps I will enjoy it more for that reason :) Look forward to listening to it next Friday - thank you!

As a German growing up in the wider Berlin area and being teen in a time where Techno and the LoveParade was born, this is mostly my preferred type of music.

Paul Kalkbrenner is starring in the best movie dealing with the Berlin music scene called "Berlin Calling".

This is the soundtrack. Tune up, bass up and feel Berlin.this is a mellow chill out track

Sounds GOOD!!!!!

I only listen to ALL the entries on the Friday when I do the new round. (Just so you know). I look forward to hearing it! :)

That's ok and quite a task lol 😄 This one would be for the after hour in a club, PK is known for a more minimal and thoughtful style. A lot of social messages in his work/art and I was in between this one and a more recent one. Sky and Sand is a classic, maybe next week I will add a newer one.

Did not recognise it by title... but I know it well... it's been on my playlist for ages. Such an awesome track!

Cool, so you are familiar with PK. Nice nice :)

Hiya @jaynie, I hope ya doing well.
Here is my track for this week <3

This looks like a great track! I only listen to the entries next Friday when doing the new post.... so looking forward to this one :)

Wonderful golden oldie, have not heard this in some time, so thanks!

Hello dear, It was a pleasure to share the song of this man that I admired a lot for his great voice, I imagine that many women fell at his feet for his spectacular voice.

Oh there are many who left the woman spell bound with the voices 😄 have a great weekend @isabelpena

Know this song well honey, THANK YOU! Super entry! xxx

Yes, and I have some new music to listen to. Thank you. For this week I am sending this

Awesome! Look forward to listening to it! Thanks for the entry!

You are welcome. Than kyou for organizing these contests and keeping our work more musical ;)

My absolute pleasure!

Awesome to see you on board again! Have been introduced to Keith Urban lately... LOVE his music. Look forward to hearing this one!

I love him!

Ballads always take you into a relaxed frame of mind, guitar and vocals nice listen.

I love him!
Wait, did I say that already, hehehe!

Wine in the next title.... SOLD! :D Looking forward to hearing this next Friday Derek! Hope you are well!

Haha! I wasn't trying to cheat I swear. I know you like wine, but I figured I'd see if you liked 'Iron and Wine'. This is from his first album, which I really love. But if you enjoy his sound it's the third full album where Sam really brings some fire jams!

And yes I am doing well and I hope you are too! I of course have my problems, as all of us do. But I try not to let it get me down because I really can't complain, I'm living the dream! lol.

Awesome sound to enjoy, never heard of them... but then the name captured the imagination.


If you are in love, you must hear it ❤️🤭

Young, exceptionally talented songwriter, guitar player with an amazing voice. Nice selection!

Thank you 💞

I have this song in my "Romantic playlist" when I want feel In love 🤭

Today for your listening pleasure, I've snagged a PostModernJukebox song:

Vitas - Opera #2

Your entry from last round was almost a winner (just so you know). Look forward to hearing this one!

The Katty Perry one? Weird, I thought that specific song was hated by many... Good to know :)

About Vitas, a crazy collection of great tracks! Hope you enjoy 'em all not only the one I shared!

Oh, I forgot to share some !LUV & !BEER as well :)

LUV command accepted!

Hey @jaynie, here is a little bit of BEER from @stayten for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

The Master is back again, Dimension - Sensory Division, from his just released 1st full length album Organ.

Awesome! Look forward to listening to it next Fri! :)

Let's get those spitrits high

Hi @jaynie, you were just shared some LUV :) Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

Meoww! :)))

Congratulations to everyone for getting involved and to @wwwiebe for the win! A great effort by all, and a great concept by @jaynie - Way to support the community.

I chose this track because I can imagine it playing in my truck as I'm chasing white lines on the road, mountains to one side, cliffs and blue-green ocean to the other, and a pretty lil' thing in the shotgun seat beside me, her hand on my leg, mine on hers. The track seems to fit that I think. Beautiful weather, scenery and company.

Rebecca Ferguson - Teach Me How To Be Loved (Lexer Remix)


Here's a little something to add to the prize pool for next week Jaynie. Keep up the good work.

Love that track and the scene created along with it :)
Thank you again for the Hive prize donation x

It's my pleasure Jaynie.

Thank you @jaynie what a nice surprise!

An absolute pleasure!

Most of the days I would choose Asaf's acoustic version, but today I love to listen to this cover by Will and Lou
Hope you all enjoy it!

What a beautiful song!

Happy you like it! And thank you for the mention <3

Here is my entry, hope you'll enjoy it:

Congrats to the winners! This is my jam this week, hope you like it!

Cool beans! Thanks for the entry. I look forward to listening to it!

Seems pretty accurate these days

Gang of Four

Awesome. Look forward to listening :) Thanks for the support and for participating again :)

I love the music posts :)

Here we go. again. :)

Awesome! Thanks for the entry. Will be listening to them all this coming Friday :)

Hey, thanks @jaynie and @galenkp! I'm glad it was appreciated! I've got next week's winner here for you too. 😉

Great track...I'm not a fortune teller but.. There may be a visit from and old friend, and some travel in your future...Maybe a track of the week win also.

Ooooh, old friends. That'd be awesome. I'm not female so it won't be that old friend. Hopefully they'll bring taco's.

Glad you like the song!

There's always room for taco's.

Congratulations on your winning entry last week! @wwwiebe 🎶

I love this contest!!! 🎵🎶😍. Music is the best medicine for the soul ✨✨✨💛. I am a Venezuelan girl so I want to share with you this beautiful track from an venezuelan artist that I like a lot. The video have beautiful landscapes from Venezuela 🇻🇪 too 😊. I hope you enjoy it

I couldn't stop myself from saying 'that makes two of us. Soul is the best medicine for music.'

This is such a cool contest. Thanks for hosting it.

Thanks for the compliment! It is my pleasure... always great to discover new music!!! :)

Here’s a video from Jenny Lewis. She’s one of my favs.

Hello!🖤 My participation:

I love this song...

Me too! 😉👍

Heya! Here's my entry —