"A" to "Z": HIVE Music Challenge [ #I ] - Iggy Pop / Iron Maiden

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Another day, another time to face the music... So, let's do this!

What this is about? It's a musical challenge (Music A to Z Challenge) created by @psos that obeys the alphabetical order where each participant has to remember two artists (singers / bands) with the letter of the day (today the letter is I) and two songs that belong to them.

Don't forget about this: A brief comment on the chosen songs is also necessary.

Here are my choices:

Iggy Pop: The Passenger

The ultimate "on the road" song.
In my personal top 100.
I'm sure it will be in the top 10 top 100 of every rock music lover.
Even the stones know it.
It never gets tired.

Iron Maiden: The Trooper

More than a real song that I love, it's a tribute to a band that is always too little mentioned and considered but that has made the history of rock music.
A heavy but fundamental, essential rock.

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