Music A to Z Challenge #F - My 2 choices

in hive-193816 •  2 months ago 

Today is the turn of the F!

This time I wanted to dare more than the previous selections.

Franz Ferdinand: Take me Out

It's a song that at first is not surprising, it doesn't make you love it immediately but then rises to a level inexorably with every listening.

Fool's Garden: Lemon Tree

It's one of the catchy songs ever.
It puts you in a good mood.
Everybody can hum it.
Everybody loves it. Including me.

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The first one got interesting after the 1 minute mark... it was a nice change of pace.

The other one reminds me of the Beatles, speciality during the chorus.

Nice choices!

I love the Franz Ferdinand music.
Lemon Tree is a costant memory of the 90'.
Thanks for your precious comment!

two beautiful tracks, two excellent bands.

I agree of course