New Song! Synthesis Underground - Subterranean Mind Mine

in Musiclast month

An interesting electro experiment I've been working on lately. When I play it out it's kind of complicated so I strip it down more. Let it go a little more haywire at the end. I like the way this one went. Spent a little more time on it. Usually making stuff up with the sounds while I sit in the coffee shops. I think I brought it to the pub too. I find the need to get out a bit nowadays, then I find a decent environment to focus on the music. I like that, it's a meditative mode for me. I'm getting more into editing what was played more nowadays.

Here is the song!!

I like this song enough that I think I will distribute it later on. Can't wait to make my next little track soundscape. Been doing okay lately. A young friend I saw not too long ago lifted the spirits a bit. Got to meet their friends, brother etc. It's nice to get to know people better. That's what I want too, for people to get to know what my life is like a bit. I'm working on the volunteer project today. Doing a bit of painting. When I get back I will practice more guitar. May get a chance at open mic this week so might as well

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