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About "the" Music community

Fellow Hivers and Music fans - I created this music community already on the previous blockchain Steem to unite all lovers of music to have a group to share and engage around music of all genres. Given a lot content on the chain is just pushed out and lacks engagement I would love to change that a bit for the music community.

Your suggestions welcomed

What do you guys think could help to create more engagement here? I think we have already a good variety of sounds, of content types - what do you miss? What do you want to change or improve? All opinions are welcomed! I am also thinking of hiring folks here as moderator so feel free to drop in your application using hashtag #musicmod - thanks all for contributing and tell me your wished to make this community even more lively!

Asking other music communities for cooperation

One additional thought - why shall we not cooperate with other communities - for now we are split in various music groups - but music is such a great thing so we might simply work together to drive the beauty of this Art for the ears - feel also free to tag and list other music communities so we might discuss joint initiatives moving forward. I am tagging for now @edje and @slobberchops @atomcollector @theturtleproject @equaliser and @jaynie (for having a Creative Community that is driving a music initiative within the group as well). Happy to hear all your thoughts!

Song is one of my all-time favourite Trance sounds

Check the Music Community on Hive - join here

Music community


I think having a music content curation trail and also hosting contests from time to time will also be a thing.

I think there are several trails especially @musicvoter - @curie is doing a lot there

Currently I am developing few things in background e.g. a Community Hub, which also has Hive integrated. But I like to tell you more about that later. 😎

I was thinking to deploy a sidechain for that application. So why not doing the same here? In the future we can use smart contracts for specific rewardings on contests and so on 🤗. And we could generate our own market value with an own application but nevertheless being active on hive.

The next thing is, I really would like to have a chat platform like Discord. I have done the same for the Bass Music Community, but which is not public yet.

The Hub I was talking about will has a chat component, but this will take time. So meanwhile it would be great to have an organization telegram group or a discord or slack server this various channels. 🙂

That sounds very interesting @equaliser - keep me in the loop and let us exchange soon.

Engagement generally seems down everywhere, it's not helping that HIVE is dithering at 21c when many other coins are increasing in value. There are too many small music communities that should merge, I did my part a while ago. I'm sure there are more out there.

yeah agree - either joining forces or in the name of the chain and coin prize success get rid of reward pool for content? We will see :-)

I'm a little depressed about the state of HIVE right now tbh, it all seems so stale.

and of course requires professional marketing, that costs a bit, if we would be a comany someone decides on invest, as community naturally difficult - so either a BIG man or a community, frustrating a bit as decentralized and centralized both have their advantages in some cases

Our witnesses do not believe in the BIG man. Nobody takes up the challenge of running a startup business. Nobody is taking up the launch of some darn good service with HIVE as a chain, when access to the witnesses and the large stakeholders is darn difficult. I think only money rules, so when someone comes and buys a few million HIVE, then suddenly the whole community (including the power users and witnesses) is addressable. But why would someone invest that amount into HIVE?

I agree with you and someone did come along to invest in STEEM, a billionaire with capital to invest but we all know what happened there.

When you break it down, Hive is basically the underlying technology that allows people to build dapps on. It should be marketed to developers, then those dapps market to their end users.

If no-one steps up or believes in the "big man", then we have a problem because things will get stale, fast, like they have done, with a handful (maybe a couple of hundred out of the 3,500 active users) being active trying to promote on twitter but it's mostly an echo chamber.

With Hive code being open source, I just wonder if someone or company with deep pockets is watching this and will use the tech to drive their own vision forward with it all using the same rewards model or better iteration.

To some extent, you need a leader/driver to take things forward - Steemit created the tech and were the lead developers but Steem was just a poorly managed operation, which is a shame. Where are we going with Hive?

To some extent, you need a leader/driver to take things forward

This is what I am talking about since we have Hive - de-centralized and community driven sounds great but....

You can have both though, that's the thing. Something can still be community driven with feedback from users and the lead developers/owners can act on it with the resources they have.

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Yep - I thing the chain is great, fast, secure - this platform thing is not helping to get investors - especially now we have Steem, Hive, Blurt and more to see - none of them is successful

Not to mention also Tsu and Voice will be coming on to challenge.

Totally agree that we should all work together to promote music on Hive. There are simply not enough of us on Hive at the moment.

I remember the buzz in the early days on STEEM with dsound and Open Mic but there doesn't seem to be anyone to create the same excitement on Hive right now that I have noticed anyway.

True - many seem gone, however even in the high times of Steem I always felt music was not as present vs. other content. You do great stuff already with your game.

Agree with the Slobberchops, engagement is down across the board. I also think the novelty, the hype we had for a few months is gone. Though reward distribution is a little better now, nothing really changed to our previous 'world'. But let us not fall into the trap of trying to figure why HIVE is what HIVE is. Working together between communities is definitely something we shall try. Uwe, as proposed some time ago, we can think of challenges that brings in other communities. Maybe we shall create versions that let the contestant go to some other community to figure something out to get to the answer. Something simple, but get the users to do something and move around the communities we like them to move around in.

Another way of increasing engagement is through comment voting. I think at least. Votes must be good though, and given to comments that adds value.

What helps tremendously, is to write comments to some other peoples post; From many of them I receive responses. This activity takes time, a lot of time in comparison with rewards and all (which are usually zero :)): Reading the post and when it contains music, listening the song/track; Then write some genuine comment which entices the users (and others) to respond and maybe even try and continue the conversation by linking in questions and all.

Yesterday I noticed I'm kinda at the bottom of the Engagement League list of abh12345, but my comment length is out-of-range. 16k characters across 20 comments, resulting in an average of about 800 characters per comment, which is about 4 Tweets. Guess that may help to get some reaction from somebody :)

Yes man - we have to check again what can be done at least on this small music front - i have a bit time in August it seems so let us have a call - maybe we find pandoras box.

Sure, lets have a call indeed! :)

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