Xenia - DJane Ukraine - Fab Sounds!

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Xenia? Acid Techno Vibes

Was surprised to discover that lady - thought first "take a nice looking girl into a video and let a real DJ mix awesome shit" - however it seems we have. areal great DJ talent out there fresh from the Ukraine. Who has ever seen her play or heard about Xenia before? Enlighten me please! Perfect for Dance Weekend Techno Friday and Monday Trance beats!!! Let us party bit - perfect sounds!!

Tunes that really drive me to the dance floor

I have to confess these mixes are EXACTLY what I love - mix of traditional Techno with Acid and Trance - this girl is fabulous and I have the impression she really is playing the sets herself.

Some facts about Xenia

Enough love and enthusiasm - let us check some of the facts about Xenia from Kiev which is a tough one as there is not a lot written about her. She owns a lot social media profile where she is active but not a lot facts - maybe a girl for HIVE?

Her style is Techno. Charm, musical taste, excellent technique and incredible ability to give dance energy to the audience. Xenia's YouTube videos have reached millions of views. She is resident of the best after-party club in Kiev Heaven and the online dance project of electronic music Radio Intense, Codex and Stick Recordings artist.

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Wow, girl's got some game on that board! Awesome! 💜 Thanks for sharing! 🙌

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Wooow! I love it!! Nice sets! Xenia know how to make people dance😆. I'm a DJ too and I think this content is awesome.