"A" to "Z": HIVE Music Challenge [ #L ]

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Another day, another time to face the music... So, let's do this!

What this is about? It's a musical challenge (Music A to Z Challenge) created by @psos that obeys the alphabetical order where each participant has to remember two artists (singers / bands) with the letter of the day (today the letter is L) and two songs that belong to them.

Don't forget about this: A brief comment on the chosen songs is also necessary.

Here are my choices:

Lana Del Rey - "Yound and Beautiful"

The sound that this singer makes is definitely not for any kind of audience. The sad and melancholy tendency turns away the most sensitive ears and her musical genre - which has a beautiful and soft voice - can not be classified in just one field (because it constantly embraces more than one).

This is one of her most consistent songs and one that manages to mix sad aspects about love with a glimpse of a promising future within this very confused feeling.
The message of the song (which is very well produced) is clear, provocative (because it makes you reflect) important and packed with melody and very cozy vocals.

Linkin Park - "Numb"

I could write a very long text about this one of my favorite Rock bands, but I think that in recommending this huge classic from them (a song that I particularly like a lot)... I already said a lot about them, right? Talking about this band and not mentioning this iconic work is just impossible.

So... I remember this song stayed in my head for a long time after I first heard it. It's amazing how after so long I still like her so much. The lyrics so good, the melody is so catchy (the instruments used in it, talk to each other in a perfec way) and the energy of the vocals still impresses me a lot. Amazing work!

See ya in the next round, folks!

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