My thumbs up practices at work

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I am glad to be here in this community. This is my first post here and I am already loving this community. I hope to learn from other members in this community too. So I stumbled on the question for the week and I told myself that this is a great question not to jump on. The question says:

What sorts of practices would you implement at your workplace?

I work in an aviation company with people who are of different tribes and have different ideologies too. It is important to carry out safe practises to ensure that your workplace is conducive for all.

Some practices that I would implement in my workplace are very simple practises. They include:


Having an effective communication

First, there is always need to have an effective communication in your workplace. I will try as much as I can to communicate excellently with my colleagues as well as customers too. Knowing when to talk and when to just give a sign language is very important in an organization. Sometimes, understanding cues could save a disaster that should have happened. As a worker in my workplace, I understand that communication is a vital key.


Being punctual

A lot of employees do not understand that being punctual is an act of showing responsibility. I always ensure that I arrive at work at least 10-20 minutes before resumption time everyday. This is where I get my daily bread and I need to take it very seriously. I always say this to myself every time that what I will not like people to do to me, I don't want to do to other people. Imagine me owning a company, I wouldn't even be happy seeing my staff coming late to work.

It doesn't even show that you are ready to work in the first place. My boss once bought me lunch some years ago because of my punctuality to work. So being punctual is a good trait and a wonderful work practice.

Me at work

Dressing professionally.

You will never catch me dressing just anyhow to the office. When you dress professionally to work, it creates a good impression for others to see. There are times in my office when external supervisors come unannounced to the office. Imagine being in that state and you are caught looking shabbily dressed. It is necessary to dress well at your workplace because it builds so much confidence. I ensure that my clothes are ready the night before the next day. If I have to iron anyone of them, I do that and keep them in a place where they wouldn't be stained too.

There is this innermost peace and happiness that comes when you look at yourself and see how beautifully dressed you are. I love to look good and smell good too. And my appearance has won so many hearts in my company. If you want to be respected in your company, ensure you dress smartly and professionally too.


Accept responsibility

Another important practice in the office is to ensure that you accept responsibility. We are humans and sometimes we make mistakes. It is important that when you do, take the responsibility and learn too from the mistakes. Instead of looking for who or what to blame, accept that you have messed that up and work towards being better. I don't think there is an employer that enjoys seeing his staff shifting blames all the time. If you make some errors, admit it with all of your boldness, apologize and learn.

Here are some of my safe practice tips. This is my reaction for the week's blog ideas. I invite @joydukeson to participate. You can get the details here


Thank you for reading and see you again.

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Exactly! The blame game never does anyone good. When we mess up, let us just accept it and look to correct them if possible. The best thing is when you don't have a mind full of unwanted thoughts because you have an unsolved issue! You gave some really great points here!