A bouquet from Grandma’s garden.

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Hello friends,

It’s so rainy in our town here that I wanted to look through some sunny photos from the past.

This is a bouquet of garden flowers that Grandma picked for my daughter. She would ask her which once she wanted and gently cut them down.


Here is how they look before we picked them. This year Grandma’s garden is doing really well. She said it’s because it rained a lot this year.


My daughter loves pink and purple flowers. So that’s what mostly they got for her.


My own Grandma in my childhood also had a garden, but there weren’t that many flowers. She was mainly growing veggies like potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and maybe there were a few apple trees. Those were the best days in my childhood. We could pick a cucumber or an apple and eat it without even washing🙈, and what fresh baked bread my Grandma used to make...She did it outside on a real huge brick stove, and she would put 10 loaves in baking pans. Those were the happy Grandma’s house summers for me.


Thank you for reading!