FOCUS ON OCTOPUSES; diving in the Philippines

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Before we get started here's a quick lesson in language, there is a misconception that the plural of Octopus is Octopi, this is wrong it's Octopuses or the rarely used Octopodes.

Now we have that covered I would like to share with you some images of a Octopus I encountered on a recent dive. I have been diving for a number of years always armed with my camera, one species that has eluded me the most is the Octopus.

They are a shy creature and when they see me coming they tend to disappear into the reef making for poor shots of a eye peeking out from a hole or the slight sight of a tentacle. Their other trick is to speed off and change colour making them impossible to spot.

On this day I was swimming along the reef when something caught my eye, half tucked in a hole was a Octopus, blending in with the reef I could easily have passed without seeing it. To the naked eye it was barely visible but with the aid of light from my camera strobes it's colours popped out.

With strobe.


Without strobe.

octo1 (2).jpg

As you can see the density of the water filters out most of the colour and light. As a general rule colours start to disappear at about 10 meters deep, first to go are the reds and browns, then blues finally the yellows.



Looking like Jabba the Hutt.


I hope you have enjoyed looking at this incredible beast, if lucky I will have some more shots to show you in the future.

Until we meet again look after yourselves and stay safe folks!


Cannot say I have EVER heard that... "octopi" - it doesn't even sound right lol.
Fascinating looking creatures!


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It has become the accepted norm but wrong, one of the coolest things to watch down there.

Oh I am sure!!!! I think I might shriek and bail! lol :D

There's a calming feeling down there, even when surrounded by sharks the fascination outweighs the fear.

That is quite a statement right there! Perhaps one day I will find the courage to share in that experience, because no doubt it is a little life changing every single time.

Learning to dive changed my life, it's one of the greatest things I added to my traveling. We live on a blue planet yet spend little time down there.

Very true!!!! I have a very "healthy" respect for the ocean hehe :)

In SA you have to with the Great whites, I have a surfer friend there Andrew Carter who was attacked twice.

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How kind, she's a love:)

Now "octopodes" is stuck in my head. Thanks teacher. Guess I'll keep thinking about fungi and cacti until it passes.

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haha, always good to pass on the knowledge;)

Wow, amazing shots, and amazing creatures! Thanks for sharing. It's fascinating how they match with their environment

They are a amazing creature, to watch them shape shift and colour change is other worldly.

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cheers, thanks guys)

You're welcome @biggypauls
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What an awesome find!!! 😍 "Octupodes" are fascinating. It looks like a coral at first glance. Maybe to camouflage itself.

Thank you for sharing. I may have the courage to dive. Hahaha! 😂

Let us know when you want to start:)

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Hah, incredible, those master chameleons of the sea! Perhaps, octopuses are more capable than chameleons.

Nice shots!
That jabba the hut similarity is dead on. And we know who's missing in their golden bikinis. 🤔

I was wearing a gold bikini when I took the photos:)

ah hahaha! 🤣

When you mentioned the elusive octopus, I had this image in my head of octopuses communicating underwater, "ooh there's Paul, let's hide.." haha You definitely had a sharp eye to spot them while they were busy blending in.

They do iv'e heard them shouting he's here again quick hide. Saw one today but again it just hid away.

Hahhaha wish I could see one for real. time to dive soon

Oh yes get your self back in there before you need a refresher😂