Next set of Ethiopian faces

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Hope you had a nice week and that you are enjoying your Friday.
My week was intense again and today it reached the top. Finally I and my wife become legal owners of the new home. There is still some work to be done before we will move in and actually live there, but we did a great part already.
Enough of my real life sharing, I will quickly switch to African story, which will be connected to people there.

You will be able to see how they are living in Ethiopia and partly also how they feel about it. You already know what I thing. They have (far) less, but in general, they are (far) happier inside.

Enjoy the photo gallery!


























Such awesome shots!

Thanks mate!
Comming from you, these words have added value as you are great photographer and you had similar experience already...

These are amazing. I can relate to these images being an African man myself.
I wonder; have you ever visited Nigeria? That's where I'm from.

Africa is so awesome.
Also people there are very interesting for us, Europeans. In a good way of course. Culture is so different there and I just admire how people live there.
I haven't been to Nigeria yet. Hopefully I will return to your beautiful continent and have a chance to stop by at your country as well.

Very good portraits! That's something I hardly ever do hehe, photographing people is not that easy

You are right. We are not all made for everything. People photography is tough, but also rewarding. If you make a lot of shots, you will for sure catch something interesting.

Yes, definitely I have to practice!

Wow nice, pretty awesome shots. You are talented in taking pictures of people.

Thank you for your kind words and appreciation of my work.
I try my best.

Love these pics, nice to see the faces of people on the other side of the Earth. Thanks!

It is kind of a mix of people photography and their enovironment they are living in. I was impressed and I am sharing that with you now.
Thanks for stopping by!

For me this is very aggressive and very funny they look, I really like to collect these pictures. But I am very proud to get to know them up close here, this is amazing, my friend, perfect job !

Thank you for your lovely comment.
People are different in each part of the World, but we are still the same - people. Meeting them in person gives these photos whole another dimension.

Appreciate your good intentions !

Ethiopia as in the rest of Africa different face/body paint depicts different tribes, as with headdress and beads used with variety of meanings.

Another exquisite set of portrait photography from your trip @crazy-andy

You learn a lot visiting these places...

Thank you once again for stopping by!

Tribes each with a story still told around the fire at night, each generation repeating.

Have you been there? You mean you captured all these photos?
Ethiopians have a very distinctive mode of dressing and culture.
I have only watched them in movies.
Nice one!

I have been there yes, it was an epic journey!
Special people there made many photography opportunities for me.
If you have a chance go and visit Africa.

If I have I would certainly do that. Thank you ;)

You have captured the emotion and expressions of a beautiful culture, these faces of the Ethiopian people are priceless. You have captured the wonder and amazement of a people and country with the photos excellent work @crazy-andy

Well, than you very much for your kind words!
My goal was to capture people there and their living enovirement. I know not everyone have the possibility to visit this country in person, so at least you can see it through my blog.

Wow what great pictures perfectly showcasing their culture. wonderful! Also congrats for owning the house legally. Hope you have a lovely weekend:)

Thank you for congratulation for both photos and new house.
Once I will finish everything with house, I hope new travel adventures awaits me than...

Another great submission of portraits these are just all stunning 👍

Thanks mate, appreciate your support!

My pleasure you are welcome @crazy-andy ... Cheers buddy 👍

Great photography.

Thank you!

You’re welcome. 😃

can't remember if I mentined it to you before but I hitch hiked through Eritrea, Ethiopia and Kenya back in 93/94. These images bring back some great memories of, what was for me, a life changing journey. Great stuff @crazy-andy

You mentioned already, but doesn't hurt if you mention again and if that rrcalls your great memories. Trully special place...

yes it really is.

These photos are amazing. Beautiful captures of the Ethiopia people.
Congrats on your new home.

Double thank you.
Not only nature is amazing, but humans are too.
I will do a Ethiopian landscape post in the future as well to present nature beauties. There were also some wildlife so I will try to do decent collection as well in the seperate post...

You are most welcome. 🙂 Your upcoming new post sounds great @crazy-andy

Congratulations on your new home.

These photos are really great. Africa has always been a geography that interested me. Nice to see photos of ethiopian people. The last photo caught my attention. Why would a person put something like that in her mouth?

Thank you!

Very different people living there. That means they are interesting for us of course.
On the last photo there is Mursi tribe. As far as I know they do that to make them uglier to be honest with you. That started to prevent slave market.

Fantastic captures, as always, from a great photographer like you! Keep up the excellent work! 😀

Ohhh kind as always Erne.

I am happy to see your community is doing that well recently. I have to stop by again as well!

See you around...

Epic photography worthy of National Geographic publication! @crazy-andy

Congratulations on your new home!

Wow that is a compliment!
Thank you very much for that and for congratulating on my new home.

Hope to see you around my blog again soon :)

Nice photo, I'm always too shy to take photo of face of people. You did it nicely.

Thanks for stopping by!
We all have different skills. I know you are a master of sea :)

Stunning, deeply felt portraits, love these! 🙏

Thanks man!
It is special to photography these people...

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I am glad you like them.
I used Sony A7 iii and that is the camera I can recommend. I am not an expert on that field, so better get the second opinion :)

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