Deranged Photography Contest - Night Theme Winners and New Theme Announcement


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions


This week's theme is Macro. Grab your cameras and get close to the action to get those sweet macro shots!

How is the Deranged Photography Contest set up?


The contest is broken up into 2 different tiers. Each will have a different rewards for the winners based on what tier you enter into.

Here is a breakdown of the rewards based on the tiers:

1st5 Hive4 Hive
2nd3 Hive2 Hive
3rd2 Hive1 Hive

Each contest will be open for submissions for 6 days and close on the 7th day so that winners can be picked and the new post can be made.

There will be a new theme announced each week. I am hoping to have the whole year planned out and will be able to have that posted for you all to prepare images for the contest.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

How to enter


When you enter a photo in the competition, you will state what tier you want to be judged in and locked in for the month at that level.

For example if you enter a photo, you drop the photo in the comment section, state what level of photographer you are, and then give a description of the photograph.

That's pretty much it, drop a photo in the comment section of this post and state your tier. If you want to make a separate post for your entry as well, that is fine, but for your entry to be valid, your photo and tier must be in here in the comment section of this post. You are also encouraged to join the Photography Lovers Community and make your post to the Photography Lovers Community.

Additional Notes


  • Only one submission per contest. Extra submissions will be ignored.

  • You can switch your tier ONE time per month, but only if you are moving up into a higher tier, for example if you are currently in the amateur tier, but you think that you have a photograph that you want to enter in the professional tier, you can state that you are changing your tier to professional. You will then be locked into the new tier for the remainder of the month. You are not able to move down to a lower tier, like going from amateur to the beginner tier.

  • If you do not state which tier you want to be judged in for the month, I will leave a comment to remind you to do so, but if you don't respond, you will be assigned to a tier and locked in for that month.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. All submissions must be your own work. I will investigate every entry and if you are caught plagiarizing, you will be blacklisted from competing in my competitions.

  • You are encouraged to share your posts on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you do so, use the #posh tag on your post and share the link of your share in the comment section of your post for a chance for extra curation from curation projects that are curating posts that are promoting Hive to sites outside of the blockchain.

Night Theme Winners!


Professional Tier

1st Place @axeman

2nd Place @keithboone

3rd Place @kodeblaccc

Amateur Tier

1st Place @crazy-andy

2nd Place @boddhisattva

3rd Place @bigsambucca

Thank you to everyone that will be participating. The contest wouldn't be around without your great submissions!



Deranged Photography Contest - Macro Entry - Pro Tier

Jumping Spider - Attulus pubescens taken from my Insect Portrait Project

Jumping Spider  attulus pubescens7559PP.jpg

Hello @derangedvisions ! I'm new on Hive and I'd love to participate in your contest!
Here's my entry for the Macro contest.

Tier: Amateur
Title: Waterlife
Description: Water surface is magic: this shot was taken with a D500 Nikon on the shore of Italian Bolsena Lake. Water reflection of sunshines gives the impression of a sparkling surface of drops full of colors, also thanks to the unique kind of sand underneath. Indeed Bolsena is a vulcanic lake so its sand is made of a variety of different and corored trypes of minerals which provide the shore with a peculiar light, especially at midday.

Thanks Wes!
Appreciate your appreciation of my work :)
Congratulations to all other winners as well!
See you soon with some new photo.

You are welcome. I am looking forward to your next entry.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 10 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Thanks very much! Congratulations to all the winners!

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Thank you very much for the second place!

Congratulations to all the winners.

My entry:

I know this is my first time with Macro. But I use a good camera with good lens so it's only fair to the others that I be judged under Tier: Pro

You need to include your photo with your comment for it to be a valid entry.


Congratulations to all those who made up to the contest winning 😊

Forest Reflection
Amateur Tier

Thank you @derangedvisions and congrats to all the other winners 👍

Thanks a lot for the 1st! And gratz to all

Deranged Photography Contest / Macro - Dandelion Universe


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Hi, This is my entry.
Tier: Amateur.
Some time ago I was invited to a beach house with huge green areas, while walking I was surprised to see this peculiar iguana that seemed to be the owner of the house, I lay on the floor and enjoyed a few moments when photographing it and seeing how I was not even afraid. .


Greetings friends of Deranged Photography Contests. Here I leave my entry. I hope you like them.

Sky Blue

gato derange.JPG

Tier: Amateur

This is the best I´ve found. I´m not much into macro, but thinking about buying a lens soon.

Tier: Amateur

Hi! here is my entry:


Tier: Amateur

Hi, This is my entry:
Tier : Amateur

Hi, my entry.

Iam amateur.


This is one of my mum's Cactus succulent plants she is very fond of these succulent plants most of them she has even flower with some amazing colored flowers but at the moment it's not bloom season for them i do like the spiky creature though.

Tier - Amateur


Hello there! Here is my entry for the Amateur Tier:

Onion Flower Buds...

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