Just got done with a very short baby photoshoot

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Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Baby photoshoots are very unpredictable


I just spent the last 3 hours at a friend's house trying to get some pictures of their baby for them. She is just six days old right now and at the perfect age for a baby photoshoot.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

We made the mistake of hanging out for a bit and talking while the baby was sleeping because when it came time for taking pictures, she was not a happy camper.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

We are going to be trying again tomorrow morning for when she lays down for her nap. It will be all business at that point because I don't want to miss the opportunity to get these pictures for them when she is the perfect age for them. Anything over about 10 days old makes it a bit harder to get the really good shots.

So hopefully tomorrow goes a bit better than it did this afternoon. Now it is time to get the grill prepped for dinner. It is gonna be a hamburger and onion ring night.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. You are awesome.

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You always capture emotions thru your pictures <33333
And lol I somehow relate to that, I was the one taking baby pics for my younger brother and now for my niece. So basically you kinda become a baby sitter and a photographer cos you'd want the baby to look at you and smile at you for the camera xD

Thanks. We are trying again right now, so hopefully we can get some good ones. I bought some props today. I am hoping to be able to do more of these shoots.

Wow! Didn't know there are certain days in which the best shots can be gotten for a baby shots. Well, what can I say, I've just got to learn from you today.

Well, these ones too came out pretty awesome. They are nice. Awesome job

Thank you. I appreciate the compliments.

Was baby very short or the photoshooting was very short? :))

Both. She is only about 20 inches tall.

The shoots isn't so unpredictable because well it's their first time, certainly there'll be lapses. However it's much better when they're asleep or maybe not crying well it'll be a lot better.

Ya, these types of shoots always go better when they are sleeping.

Priceless moments captured in black&white have a thousand stories to tell. Triggers the emotion of the audience in a subtle way that would stay for a long time.

Dropping by to say hi.


Yes it's all depends on baby's mood which I too have experienced. And if you don't like it you will never get a single shot of her. Here you are lucky to get these great shots

We are trying again today, so hopefully we can get some more good ones.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Wow.. Amazing shots.. Love the black and white feel..

Thank you

She's not a professional model yet? What are her parents thinking?

Good on you.

Almost. Maybe after I get some good ones, that will jump start her career.

Precious images so beautifully captured @derangedvisions

Thank you

I imagine you've struggled to get the result you wanted. But despite all that battle, these shots were great too. I like your work. From now on I'll follow you so I can see more of your art. Many blessings to the baby. Greetings and hugs to all xD

Thanks. I am hoping to get some better ones today.