Moving up in the world


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Look out world


My son graduated this year and is moving into adulthood. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished and overcome in his life so far. It wasn't easy for either of my kids to go through everything that have during their early years because of deployments and everything, but my son has been through more than most go through in their whole lives. He was 13 months old when I left for war the first time and wasn't home for good until he was about 6 years old. I can't wait to see what he becomes.


That's a cool photo, I like the soft focus on your son. He's gonna do great because he has a family that loves him!

Thanks. I like how it turned out.

It's not always easy to leave your kids due to deployment. It must be a sweet thing to see that they've done even well. Congratulations to your son. He's a way ahead to being a man

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Congratulations to you both!

Thank you

Congratz :D

Congratulations! He looks like a fine young man.

Thank you.

Congratulations, you must feel very proud!

I do. Thank you


Nice mate. Must be a great feeling to get him that far; into his own dreams and challenges.

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