Ready to attack


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

He wasn't havin it


Last night I went back out to where the yellow jacket nest was that I found a week or so ago and there were two yellow jackets left. I guess they had been sent out looking for food or something when I killed off the others.

As I got closer to the nest, this guy went from just walking around on the nest to stopping all his movement, facing me, and then spreading his wings and getting ready to attack and defend his nest. He was ready to attack at any sign of provocation from me.

So what did I do? Get closer with my macro lens so I could get some cool shots of course.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

I wonder what was going on in his little brain as he looked at me. I wonder if he knew it was me that killed off the rest of his colony and he was just burning with anger.

I hate these stupid things. They make their nests all over the place here where I live and usually end up stinging my dogs if we don't find them early enough. My dogs have finally learned to stay away from them and they are not toys. They are just assholes.


Great macro picture...i also want to say that I like the color arrangement of the picture... Wonderful...

Have a nice day my friend...

Great shots! :)


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Hermosos detalles en cada fotografía, me encanta mirar tus fotos.

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