🍁More Shots🍂from Fall Funfest🍃

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I thought this was a neat addition this year. I'm no good at night photography, but hopefully the edits make it feel more visibly graceful. There was a line to take pictures here and I wanted to shape them with the letters? But, instead, we just got a couple poses and I think they still turned out good.

Fall Funfest itself is a local celebration at the end of the summer to just be social. Businesses and organizations all contribute to the gathering and help pay for the live music and refreshments. Anything from mom and pops to the county public service departments and churches show up to bare their cares and wares.

Let's Paint!


We spent almost an hour here! One of the daycare centers (can't remember the name) had easels set up to nurture children's creativity! Cost 8 bucks a painting, but well worth the fun and smiles we got from it. Here are some pictures from the sit-down they begged me to stand for:



The Food!

I'm sure someone out there can tell us why I chose this particular mobile venue to eat at! HA! We ordered some beer battered chicken strips and french fries and maaaaan, were they ever good. All three of us just devoured the big basket before I remembered to take a picture. Quite satisfying because at first, they heard 'beer' and didn't want to touch it. When I told them the alcohol burns off and it gives it a unique flavor, they were all hands and gobbly mouths.


All in all, it was a good outing. I was surprised by the number of people that showed up, considering covid numbers are approaching all time highs here in Putnam County. I guess it just proves that humans are social creatures and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded individuals. They'll even put themselves in mortal danger to do it. Myself included. But hey, that's just me, so, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even while tempting the fates.


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Looks like they had a blast

Oh mos def man. One of the churches had a mobile salon they loved😋

That’s what it’s all about.👍

OMG, that first photo is so freaking awesome! Love it! 😃

"...they were all hands and gobbly mouths."

What a descriptive phrase! LOL! Now I am craving strips & fries, too! 😆

LMAO thanks Kitty! I really need to get an actual camera that is suited for night photos as I want to take pictures of the moon and ya know - bugs. LOL

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I am still delighted with their beautiful smiles. One that you provoke, you do it well, greetings.

Thanks bro, I try to keep them happy 😁

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