Triple Exposure Film Photography

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Hello community, I enjoy film photography and writing. I hope you enjoy this first piece of mine that I am posting.
This is a triple exposure shot on my Minolta SRT101. Comment if you can spot the three exposures!

This photo was taken in November, 2018 somewhere in the hills of Thailand. These are two very dear friends of mine. They fell quickly in love and were engaged before they even asked each other. The summer of 2020 brought big changes as time and space separated the two lovers. Covid 19 has infected more than just the lungs. The engagement ended last week and this photo brings a sharp pain of nostalgia.


Nice picture @localnomadd! The render of triple exposures worked great!

Hey @localnomadd Good to see you here on the block!
Great to see you first post up as well. :)

Very cool photo as well, love the combination of images.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

If you are going to be posting photos, this is a good HIVE app to put on your phone.

Sorta like an instagram type app... It may help you post more of your photos and videos. :)

Beautiful! 😍

Yo también soy amante de la fotografía y la Cinematografía, visual y escrita, ¿tienes instagram para ver más tus trabajo?

Damn :( This hits hard. My fiancee lives in South American and COVID has separated us and it's been really rough. I'm sorry it didn't work out for your friends.

Beautiful shot, though! I love multiple exposure shots. Great composition and content!