Last drop before sunrise (photography)


Being creative is a question that I can't answer. I'm not sure how people will respond to my own work. Perhaps it's because of my lack of knowledge in these things. Also, I don't have the confidence to consider myself to have those qualities of being creative. Comparing myself to others who shared awesome photographs I have nothing to feel but be envious of. I mean how they made that simple view become superb with the use of their cameras. Even so, I never stop myself from exploring what I can do with the help of my phone camera.


What I love about using a camera is making a difference from the real one. Not just the view will be totally changing but the emotions too. It looks dramatic, just for example a lonely feeling, a happy feeling, or even like the feeling from the past. It's a total package that changes so much depending on how a person captured a certain view. It may not be required to capture photos but isn't it nice to see how we will create art through photography?


It was a beautiful morning, the sun rose early after that rain at dawn. Even though the sun rose already, I could still feel the chill feeling from the wind. Not a cold season but not a hot season either, it's just that the rain earlier made it happen.


It's a normal routine to me every morning when there's nothing I'd do. I checked my small garden, removing grasses, harvesting, and just looking at it. Was it my creative thought that pushed me to capture these photographs with such passion? I don't know but when I saw that drop from the branch it encouraged me to explore what would be the result when I give effort in taking a shot.


It seems childish but I love the results of the shots that I'd want to share here.


I wanted to have a clear look at that "thing" I focused on the most. I used the "macro-lens" in my phone and focused on the part I wanted to stand out the most. Of course, obviously, it's that droplet of the rainwater on the branch.


According to the photographers sharing thoughts online and youtube videos. You should capture a couple of times for you to find which stand out the most. That's why I took shots a lot but in the same spot.


In my own imagination it's not that bad, no, I thought it's pretty but I don't know for others. Just share with me your thoughts and some tips if it's not too much to ask. I'm hoping to be good at photography.

Thank you for reading

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