Some abstract painting, ...

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I'm not a painter, but that doesn't mean I can't do something with paint...

And voila, the result! Nice huh 😉

What? Don't like old paint?
At least I still think it's beautiful. I'm not saying that I would decorate my living room like that, but I always think decay has something special.

Take this wall for example. I see all kinds of things in it. The history of the building, the different fashion colors over time ...
Okay, the latter is a bit difficult with a black and white photo ... but just believe me. 😁

But I also see something else in it. You have to have some imagination for it, but once you have the right mindset, you cannot miss it ...

What do I see in it? I'm not going to reveal it, but I will give a hint ...
"I live at the top left, right next to the largest lake, where the water is very deep and dark blue ..." 😉😂

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I really do like pieces like this, too. Not every art piece needs to be "black and white," per se, or spelled out for the viewer. I like it.

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