Photo Quest competition: Bougainvilleas

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Indoor Plants became popular during this situation. In the early times of strict lockdown in UAE, people found their way of nurturing their hobbies they would never know they would get addicted to.

From Gardening indoors to Baking. collecting plants and made them as their new babies.

I found this lovely Bougainvillea in one of my trips in the nursery during lockdown.

There were lots of varieties, but these two pictures are my favorite.

This post is for Photo quest competition by @quarator.

I hope you like these photos.

Taken from a samsung mobile phone camera


I love this plant!
In Argentina we call it Santa Rita. the most common is pink and red, although my favorite is peach🍑. In the humid provinces, they are seen on the sidewalks and their petals spread all over the place ... really beautiful!

Absolutely. They look elegant, aren't they? Thank you for dropping by.