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I did tell you guys that I have got plans for last weekend, photo plans. I have a mate who is well into taekwondo and I reckon we'd get some good photographs if we set up a photography session. Well these photos are not him. You can call these, the warm up, hehe.












These photos are of my colleague. She had the vest and and she did look good in them so I thought I should get some photos and also warm up for the taekwondo lad. In the coming days, I shoul have worked on the other photos sleep I would share them. Hence, she the protege, he the sensei. I did take a lot of photos too, lol. He was teaching her the stance and movements for the art, alas she didn't seem to get it. I did like how this pictures turned out anyways. I also colorgraded the pictures on Adobe lighttroom mobile. I realized the photo had a lot of green so I decided to stick with the warm tones. I think I might have made her face and skin green even, but thankfully I got feedback from her and I was able to adjust the skin saturation. What do you make of it though? I'd like to hear your opinion.


CameraNikon D3200
Shutter Speed1/640
Focal length135.00mm

I like the results. It certainly brings harmony to the kata in green. Powerful images and I can't wait to see the duo in photo. Great work!

uh, so its Kata, I never knew, now I know, thanks man.

Unfortunately, they didn't spar 😅 She is a noob. He'd floor her in seconds.

Well, it might have another name since that martial art is Korean. Kata is the Japanese term for these fixed moves.

Also, that's not very martial arts like. When you meet a rookie, you are supposed to teach them, not floor them. 😂

Yes, he was actually teaching her 😅

Ha, ha, ha. Well, that's how it is.

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