Winner announcement: Sun Thursday Contest Edition 8

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SunThursday winners edition 8

The marvelous @suzana72 who won edition 7 of this contest has judged all entries - good decision but everyone would have deserved a spot in the top 3. So please join me in congratulating the three winners of the 8th SunThursday edition - all with awesome content. This time we had 11 submissions that qualified for the prizes.

Here we are with the Winners

As usual all winners will receive their HIVE prize from me latest tomorrow and hopefully the votes by @theycallmedan soon before post payout time. If you did not make top 3 this time don't be mad on me or the judge - you always have you chance.

Who won? Check below

Enjoy their lovely content and pay them a visit here on Hive! Thanks also to @dswigle as ongoing sponsor!

Winner #1 @truelovemom (To receive 3 Hive plus an upvote by the biggest Hive Stakeholder)

Winner #2 @bluemoon (To receive 2 Hive plus an upvote by the biggest Hive Stakeholder)

Winner #3 @kohsamui99 (To receive 1 Hive plus an upvote by the biggest Hive Stakeholder)

Overall criteria for the selection was based on the entire posts, instead of just the first photo.

Below the rules for the upcoming contests - edition 8 will start October 22!

What to win

This is a fun contest where I still am searching for sponsors - for now the following rewards will be paid to the three winners:

1. Prize: 3 Hive
2. Prize: 2 Hive
3. Prize: 1 Hive

PLUS - all three will receive a little UPVOTE by @theycallmedan - thanks for supporting this!

Looking for community sponsors

Please comment or DM me if you want to support great photography content creators.

How can I win?

Please create a post using the tag #SunThursday showing your own original photography or video work covering the sun or write about positivity which I link to the sun which enabled and maintains the possibility of life in general. The three best submissions will receive their prize token after 7(or 14) days. The decision is made by myself for now - considering suggestions.

The rules

  • Post photography, video or written content covering the topic SUN
  • Use the tag #SunThursday as your first tag
  • Add link to your submission in the comments on THIS post
    v- Consider to "vote&reblog" this post to spread the contest (not mandatory but it might help)
  • Only original (your own) content will qualify

Thank you very much @uwelang🥰
It was an honor to be a judge .... And to participate in this great competition ...
Congratulations to the winners @truelovemom, @bluemoon, @kohsamui99 and all participants and I hope that there will be more of us every time. 💞

Thank you @suzana72 😊

I am honored for having been selected in this edition and a special thanks to @suzana72 and @uwlang.

This excites me to continue participating every time you have the opportunity.

Congratulations also to @bluemoon and @kohsamuigg his incredible effort also.

You are welcome, your prize will be with you tomorrow, hope the votes by @theycallmedan also arrive in time, i still have node issues

Thank you @truelovemom 😊

Thank you very much. I'm happy and honored, thank you @uwelang and @suzana72 for the contest and the choice made.
I congratulate my colleagues who won and I am glad to be in their company. I appreciate them very much!

You're welcome @bluemoon

btw - the Hive will be send hopefully tomorrow, also the vote should come, nodes are not stable for me at the moment

Thank You!

Congratulations to the winners, @truelovemom, @bluemoon, @kohsamui99. Excellent photos 👌

Thank you I'm glad you enjoy it.🙋

Thank you @mipiano 😊

Congratulations to the winners, they all took some nice pictures.

Thank you @irvinc 😊

Thank you so much @uwelang and thank you to @theycallmedan for the generous upvote and also thanks to @dswigle and @ervin-lemark for sponsoring the @sunthursday contest 😊

Also congratulations to the other winners @truelovemom, @bluemoon great photos guys 👍

Congratulations to the winners, @truelovemom, @bluemoon and @kohsamui99! Your photos are great.