The Boys Are Back In Town - Rising Star Jounal #17

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Hello fellow Rising Star Mega Stars!

Today I decided to try something new. I have been using my #starbits to buy cards.


Adding Cheap Cards

I am not much of a gambler, so rather than buying packs, I have started buying cheap cards off the market place.

I have added 5 cards today to my collection.

Brit Popster

british popstar

This guys is nearly worthless, adding but 1 skill point, but he was cheap. So into the collection he went.

The Ego

The Ego

This guy adds a decent amount of fans which I will need soon to get to higher level gigs. So into the collection he goes.

Mc Trapper

Mc Trapper

Mc Trapper adds a bit of skill and a bit of fans. Nicely ballanced. In he goes.



Limey adds some skill, but no fans. He is a decent addition so in he goes.

Moon Child

Moon Child

Moon child adds a wee bit of fans, a little skill, and even 1 luck. So into the collection he goes.

Costs and Benifits

So I got each of those cards off the market place for 700 starbits each. So for 3,500 starbits I've added 5 cards which give me an additional 38 fans, 19 skill, and 1 luck.


I'm currently level 29 and hope to push over level 30 today. I started buying some cheap cards as a way to climb the ladder on rankings. Not that I plan to try and compete for the top position, but I would like to get into a respectable position. The number of unique cards is a big factor in overall ranking so by increasing the number of different cards I own, I will climb that ladder. I already put a lot of minutes into the game, and will likely increase that stat with time now that I have my pizza slice.


Happy Gigging All!

I hope you all are working hard on your Rising Star musical careers! Those Starbits won't earn themselves you know!


Free Card #giveaway

New to Rising Star? I am going to give a free Doris card (the perfect starter card, if I do say so myself) to the first person who signs up using my referral link and asks for the card in the comments. It is that easy!



I'm right behind you. I had already planned to add some cheap cards to me collection and just hadn't pulled the trigger, yet. Sounds like a now might be a good time to do that.

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Nice going. That's a good deal there. 5 unique cards are sure to improve your ranking. And those were so vchesp. Lucky fish!

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