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When our token Pinak launched on hive-engine few people were inquiring about website. However the link was given under about section of token!

Few interesting facts of our site and latest update too!

oneotter.crypto is a web3 website. Unlike .com domain it is based on IPFS technology for storing data! This means its resistant like blockchain protocol 51% attack! However latter after quite a few years expense will be in scaling network that's my opinion!
however blogging will remain always away from scalability issue!

Our goal!

In simple sentence we desires to make our token usuable as much as its possible. Caring about both investers, partners and creators!

Token Pinak

Read our first blog here:

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Search The Decentralized Web Right-pointing magnifying glass

is a search engine for the decentralized web!

Browse here Rightwards ( under beta testing) is not showing proper results or for latest updated website I mean to read post-

Search oneotter.crypto!

remember signing in requires metamask! Tons of more features are about to come! Stay updated!
#Write things to which you are master, earn LIMITED PoS token! Not infinity tokens based on PoW. Complete transparent ecosystems to ensuring fair transparency! Stay updated !

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