What are you drinking for the 4th?

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This dude is drinking on some Magic Cherry Vanilla soda that is loaded with 10mg of THC. I don’t drink much alcohol, so I figured I’d have a couple of these guys today!

Anyway, I have been taking a few days to kind of regroup after hitting a bit of a creative wall. Didn’t realize building Hivelist, Hivefunding, Hivetunes, and not to mention the #weedcash and @Canna-Curate stores was going to be such a big job, lol. Anyway, thanks to @richardcrill for the moral support, lol.

Anyway, back at the grind after the holiday and will actually be adding some more projects on the pile as I get some of these other things buttoned up!

Anywho, get out and enjoy some freedom, and if you aren’t free, we’ll, then get that way! It’s your life, take it for yourself!

Happy 4th my dudes!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!



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I'll be drinking only the best :)

plus some flower of course.


I had my day with the PBR, but that day had to end, and funny, so did the headaches, lol.

Thats what the weed is for :)


Lol.. water..


I am with you on that one at this point

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I don’t drink booze anymore and had some iced tea, lol. I would not mind some of that! I love cannabis beverages. The best one I’ve had, back in the day I got to drink on some infused Sauvignon Blanc at a wine festival. It was pretty killer.

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