Why Blockchain Social Media is better than Traditional One

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Hello everyone

I am back again with another video and in this video I have talked about why I find blockchain based social media platform is better than traditional platform.

There are various reasons for this. I have stopped using Facebook and active on twitter only because this is pretty to good to promote our platform.

Thank you so much.

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100% I agree with you! Also the one thing that I have noticed since coming to #hive and #ctptalk (I'm only a month in) is the difference in the overall energy! I find Facebook and Twitter SO negative. Everything is making fun of someone, political or just fake negative memes. Here, people are engaging, uplifting, cheering you on and positive.

Since spending more time here it's made me realize just how toxic it really is and that I don't want that in my life.

Thank you for your video post. I enjoyed it :)

I agree with you completely. I recently did a mainstream social media detox for the entire month of June with FB and IG, which I made videos about as well. Since I went back to it in July, I only use these tools more as for business & my parents who live far away lol. The codependency I had on these platforms has completely disappeared. They are negative places now & I definitely don't want to go back to that.

With Hive, it's different. Yes, we get paid for posting & engaging, which is a plus in itself, but we support one another here. We cheer each other on, uplift one another & even if someone is having a bad day or even a rough time in their lives, the community helps comfort them or gives that person helpful advice, etc. I LOVE that & the world definitely NEEDS that right now. So, Hive, the community, will always have my vote ;)

It is great to see someone else out there make a video about this! Thanks so much, my friend. Sending blessings your way! :) 💚

Hi @pixiepost
Well said that with hive things are different and we earn rewards for posting and engagement. Hive is such a great community and this is part of life where working more is fun. The kind of fun I am having here, never had with FB or any other platform.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.