Is getting cryptocurrency easy, now?

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A lot is happening in the crypto sphere. Including new protocols, new concepts, new dynamics and what not.
But the "mass" still hasn't adopted it.
Of course, there is a bigger more systematic reason for that.
But there is also the learning curve not many get over.

The same problem from years ago, learning curve. Either crypto sounds too good, too outlandish, or too fantastical....or just too complicated.

Most don't even go beyond understanding that crypto exists. Some don't go beyond questioning how numbers on a computer have value.

Well, you and I were there...maybe. But we did over come a lot of learning curves pretty smoothly.

Can others too?
Is crypto still hard to grasp?
Has it changed now?
Is it easier to get into crypto-ing now than ever before?

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I agree that it's easiER, but still isn't "easy" for many people to grasp. Being a non-coder type myself, I appreciate a good resource for learning and try to share them when I find them. But there are still some sites that make me yell at the computer. LOL. And, you have to sort through a lot of hype to find the gems of genuinely helpful tutorials!

I agree~ Easier! I love those good resources. That call how we see it instead of all the fancy mancy words haha! Everytime I come across a site that would make me yell I just look for another. Its crazy how endless the sources can feel!! SO MANY!!